5 Things Friday – Things I’m Loving Now!

Hey there!

Man what a whirlwind of a week it has been. Only one more week left until my last official day of work at my current job. EEEEEkkkkk! If only Christmas came this fast when I was a child! Anywhoo… I’ve spent a ton of time researching different apartment communities this week to prepare for a weekend jam packed with apartment tours starting at 9am on Saturday morning and going through pretty much the entire weekend. Who knew moving could be such hard work! Not this Chiquita, that’s for sure!

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Sometimes Life Gives You Froyo…

Hello Lovely People!

I hope your Tuesday is off to a good start so far. Some of you are probably out getting your runch right as I’m posting this. Kudos to you for making the most of your time! I really need to get on this bandwagon too. In case you were wondering, those last two sentences were brought to you by me needing to find a way to incorporate my new favorite word “runch” into a sentence! It’s just so fun to say! You’re welcome for introducing me to your new favorite word! Anywhoo… enough babbling! Let’s get to it! Continue reading

Friday Favorites – National Frozen Yogurt Day, Chia Pods and More!

Hey There!
I have some really exciting news to share with you all before we get into my favorites from this week! I’m co-hosting “That Friday Blog Hop” linkup with Rebecca from xoxo Rebecca, Tiffany from Life of a Lost Muse, Chrissy from A Little Dash of Diva and CeCe from A Chicago Mom! I want to thank these lovely ladies for letting me join the party this week! Make sure you stop by their blogs and show them some love! I would also like to welcome everyone who is stopping by from the blog hop!

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Make Me Happy Monday 09.22.14


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was crazy busy but tons of fun (more on that later today). There are a lot of things I’m loving this week, but there is one thing I’m certainly not loving this Monday morning. I had to break out my rain jacket for the first time in a long while on the way to work because of a freak torrential down pour! BOOO!

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Spin Selfies + QuestBar Review

Hello All!

Welcome to the weekend! Phew! I’m so glad this was a short week. I really don’t think I could have done another work day this week. What about you?

Last night, my workout consisted of 10 minutes on the rowing machine, 20 minutes of abs and 60 minutes in my beloved spin class. Yes, in case you were wondering, I was in the classroom alone when I took this. I am SO not that weird girl who takes selfies during class instead of sweating! There was a girl who did this in class though once. It was awkward for everyone involved!

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