Make Me Happy Monday 09.22.14


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was crazy busy but tons of fun (more on that later today). There are a lot of things I’m loving this week, but there is one thing I’m certainly not loving this Monday morning. I had to break out my rain jacket for the first time in a long while on the way to work because of a freak torrential down pour! BOOO!


I don’t know if the fact that I had to wear my rain jacket for the first time or the fact that these were the shoes I chose to wear today bummed me out more.


Anywhoo… enough Make Me Mad Monday talk and on to all of the things that are making me happy this Monday. In honor of football season and a Seahawks vs. Broncos win yesterday (insert happy dance here!), I thought I’d share this video with you. The Geico camel will never get old in my book!

Here’s another video that has been making me laugh lately. I hope all of you know who Jenna Marbles is by now, but if you don’t, PLEASE check out her YouTube channel right now. It will provide you will hours of entertainment. I promise you won’t regret it. (This video does contain some colorful language, so maybe plug in your headphones to watch this one if you’re at work so people don’t give you the stink eye.)


photo 2

I got some exciting news this weekend! My blog reached 1,000+ views! EEEEEKKK! Thanks so much to everyone who has made this possible. This was definitely one of my favorite moments this week! I decided I had to celebrate by going to Menchie’s for a celebratory froyo sundae! YUM!

photo 3

I also had one of these delicious little nuggets this week. If there is a Whole Foods by you, run there as fast as you can 1) to preburn off the calories from eating this cookie (totally joking) and 2) because you need this in your life stat! They started making a petite version of their vegan chocolate chip cookie sandwiches and they are amazeballs! The filling is my favorite part!

photo 4

I’ve been loving this blush from Physicians Formula lately. I ran out of my trusty MAC blush awhile back and pulled this one out of my bag and gave it a try. I bought it quite awhile ago but never really used it and I don’t know why. I think I actually prefer this to my old MAC favorite (this one seems to have longer staying power for me) and will definitely be repurchasing soon since as you can tell, mine is running a bit low! I tried to pick up another one when I was at Target over the weekend, but they were out! Maybe everyone else has caught on to this hidden little drugstore gem too!

photo 5

Here’s what the product sort of looks like in the pan. It’s pretty cute with the different colored hearts in it. Sorry like 75% of mine is missing and this isn’t the best representation of it for you, but you get the idea. 🙂

photo 1

The color I’ve been using is natural, but they have a total of 4 colors to choose from so you can pick which one works best for you.

photo 2

I’ve also been loving painted nails this week. I used to be crazy obsessed with painting my nails but got out of the habit of doing it. I probably have like 100+ colors so I need to start busting them out again!

photo 3

The color I used was OPI’s Kiss on the Chic and I’m obsessed!

photo (1)

I also added a new addition to my Sweaty Band collection this weekend with this adorbs headband! Love it! Can’t wait to wear it to the gym tonight!

I hope you guys have a great Monday! Wish me luck on my gallon of water a day challenge I’m starting with my friend today (Updates on this later this week).

Questions of the Week:

What are you loving this week?

What is your favorite nail polish color? (Obviously I need to know so I can add it to my collection!)

What is your favorite drugstore makeup find?


4 thoughts on “Make Me Happy Monday 09.22.14

  1. Ummm… You NEED to check out Jamberry nail wraps. They look easy,awesome and…awesome. Supposedly they last a long time and they aren’t that expensive. Go ahead…Google it, then thank me.


  2. That OPI nail polish colour is gorgeous. I’m partial to Bubble Bath myself. Is Kiss on the Chic a sheer polish? How many coats do you need to get that coverage?


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