SKINS Compression Pants Review and Giveaway!

Disclaimer: I received free product to review from SKINS through a campaign with Sweat Pink. SKINS is also providing the prize for this giveaway. I received no other compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Today I want to talk about a new product I recently was able to try out (SPOILER ALERT: There’s a giveaway at the end, so don’t forget to leave a comment to enter!). Since I’ve started training for my half marathon this coming August, compression gear has become a big part of recovery to help keep my body happy and able to continue to log miles every week in order to make it to race day strong and ready to kick some butt. I’ve been religious about wearing compression socks or sleeves after every single run, even if it meant sneakily hiding them under my pants at work, to make sure I was speeding up my recovery and providing extra support for my tired muscles when I needed it the most.

Since I’m such a lover of compression socks and sleeves, I’ve always been curious about the benefits of compression clothing like pants, tops and arm sleeves. When I was given the chance to try out some compression tights from SKINS and learn more about their DNAmic line of apparel, I jumped on the chance!  (It also helped that SKINS is an Australian based company and I’ve been obsessed with everything Australian after spending a month there in college! 🙂 )


So let’s talk a little bit about SKINS…

SKINS rules the world in gradient compression performance equipment. SKINS are worn by professional athletes and active consumers worldwide including, cyclists, runners, triathletes, to name but a few. SKINS BioAcceleration Technology™ will enhance your performance in training, competition & recovery and give you an edge over your competition. What makes SKINS BioAcceleration Technology™ so special? It’s scientifically proven to increase muscular strength and endurance as well as decrease recovery time. This makes SKINS Gradient Compression clothing ideal for any sporting activity.


The DNAmic 3/4 Tights, which are what I tried out, feature SKINS unique Dynamic Gradient Compression to support and stabilize the glutes, quads and hamstrings. It also increases oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion and reduces lactic-acid build-up for more power and less recovery time. They are built to uniquely wrap and support your key muscle groups to reduce movement and focus direction for less vibration in your muscles, less soft tissue damage and less soreness after exercise. They also wick moisture away from your skin to keep you dry during your workouts (or when running around the yard after your furry friend) and have UV protection of 50+, so you don’t have to worry about getting sun burnt! What’s not to love?!?!


(Photo bomb from Bella 🙂 )

So what are my thoughts on the compression tights I received so far? I wore these after my workout as part of my recovery and the first thing I noticed is that they are much more comfortable and flattering than other compression pants I have tried on in the past. A couple of years ago, I was on the hunt for a pair of compression pants but I never settled on a pair because I felt completely uncomfortable in the ones I tried on. I always felt like I was stuffing myself into a pair of too tight pants that I couldn’t wait to take off. I felt the opposite with these. I was comfortable hanging out with my dogs and family in these without counting down the minutes before I could change into something more casual.


(And that’s Coco)

I also felt really self conscious in previous pairs I had tried on because of the way they fit and how it seemed like you could see every little so called flaw in them. These seemed to be a bit more forgiving in that sense as well, which was a relief. I loved how these seemed to help stabilize and reduce movement to help support my muscles after a long workout so that I felt less achy and sore. Even though I don’t normally wear compression gear during my workouts, I can’t wait to try these out in that capacity also to see how they can help enhance my training there also!

Now that you’ve gotten to hear about all the reasons that make SKINS compression gear awesome, it’s your turn to try them out! SKINS is giving one lucky reader a the chance to try out their products! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below. Simple right? 

SKINS is also providing all A Couple of Dashes readers with a promo code for 20% off all products in their online store here. Make sure to enter the code SWEATPINK-SKINS20 at the checkout to receive your discount. The offer expires July 31, 2016.

This giveaway is open until Friday, July 1st at 11:59pm PST. Winner will randomly be chosen from the comments below and will be notified via email. The giveaway is open to those living in the US only. One prize per person. If you win this giveaway, and have already won another prize from SKINS through another blog, please disclose that you have already won so we can choose another winner.

Questions of the Day:

What’s your favorite way to recover after a hard workout?

Do you wear your compression gear during your workouts, after your workouts or both?


24 thoughts on “SKINS Compression Pants Review and Giveaway!

  1. Those compression pants look so awesome! Also super glad to hear that they’re comfortable, because I’ve definitely heard of em’ being reallyyyy uncomfortable before. I love that picture of you with your dog! ❤


  2. Of all the blogs I’ve read that have reviewed these, you are the first to mention the fact that some compression pants flaunt a girls bad features! I’ve had similar feelings with most workout pants that have patterns on them. I feel like they make my thighs look ginormous! I’m glad to hear that these capris don’t have that issue. I wear compression socks during long runs and afterwards. My fav way to recover is a good ole fashion protein shake.


    • Glad to know I’m not the only one! I have hated the way most compression pants look on and usually opt for the thicker, non-compression pants, so I was happy to see I didn’t have the same issue with these!


  3. I really like the design 🙂 I hear that compression clothing helps you recover faster so I would like to wear it after work out, but if it helps to wear during, then I’d do that too


  4. I wear compression sock for long runs, intense workouts and for recovery, but have yet to try compression pants. The DNAmic Men’s Tights sound as though they would fit the bill for this aging runner. One of the things I have noticed the past couple of years is that it takes longer for the soreness to leave my body!


  5. This company has a lot of great stuff I would love to try out. I run in compression socks but have never ventured into compression clothing. I wonder if they are good in both the heat and the cold.


  6. I’ve never worn compression gear but would LOVE to try! My recovery usually involves an electrolyte drink…and probably espresso 🙂


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