Friday Photo Roundup + Ramblings

Hello and welcome to Friday!

Oh man has this been a week. Phew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I thought Friday would never come! What about you guys?

I was looking through my phone and realized I had a bunch of photos from this week that I haven’t shared, so I thought I’d do a photo roundup + ramblings on what I’ve been up to this week to catch you up!

I also wanted congratulate my friend Jenica today on starting her new adventure! (She’s starting CNA school later this month.) I’m so proud of you lady! You’re going to be amazing! 🙂

Now… on to the photos!

photo 1

Coconut Zing and a much needed happy hour with my coworkers!

photo 2

Spicy sriracha chicken sandwich and side salad with honey mustard dressing!

photo 4

This little one has been in and out of the vet’s office the last two weeks with an eye infection she just can’t seem to beat. She had just gotten back from her second vet visit in the last two weeks and was exhausted. She needed to spend some quality time with her mama dog toy and relax!

photo 3

My knee has been bothering me a bit after the Women of Wonder 5k last weekend so I’ve been using this to help. Thanks Katie for the recommendation!

photo 1

I finally hung up my bib from the Women of Wonder 5k at work this morning. YAY! These are just my bibs from the last couple of months when I moved into my new office. The rest are at home for safe keeping! 🙂

photo 4

Yesterday, I decided it was time I leave my office and go out for a midday walk to break up the monotony of the day. I work in a VERY small office where everything is within feet of my desk, so I don’t move around much during the day. I decided I should get out and take advantage of the nice weather while it’s still around! Midday walk selfie! (Not sure why my face has lines on it. Maybe from the sun?)

photo 3

I took a walk down to the farmer’s market that is outside my office every Thursday and saw some pretty flowers! I also went down to talk to some of the the local bakeries with booths at the market to try to secure donations for a charity event I am working on at the beginning of November.

photo 5

I ended up doing a little over a mile (I started this a little ways into my walk, so it’s not 100% accurate). Not too shabby! I think I’m going to make taking a mid day walk my new goal while the weather is still nice.

photo 2

And this happened this morning. I give! I will be investing in some sort of microwave egg cooker for my morning breakfasts at work this weekend. What a mess! All I could do was laugh and go downstairs to the cafe and order a breakfast sandwich. haha!

Questions of the Day

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

Have you ever had your breakfast explode in the microwave before?



6 thoughts on “Friday Photo Roundup + Ramblings

  1. I never knew eggs could explode (outside of their shell) until this last week! I’ve made eggs in the microwave million times and I’ve never had it happen lol


    • Hahah! Yeah me neither. I mean they tend to pop a little but completely explode?!? All I could do was laugh. How do you usually cook them in the microwave?


  2. Tell me about this stuff for your knees. My knees have been bugging me too but probably more from 12 years of soccer and the fact that I’m getting old! Lol 🙂


    • 12 years of soccer?!? That’s awesome! Good for you! The stuff I got is called “Preform” and it’s by the makers of Biofreeze which is pretty popular among runners. You can only huger Biofreeze from doctors now, so they started making Preform to take it’s place, which is something you can get on the shelves at places like Walgreens in the first aid section. The only difference between the two that I know of is that Biofreeze has a higher level of menthol in it (which is why you have to get it from the doctor) and Preform has a lower level of menthol and takes turns switching from hot to cold. It’s been working well for me so I’d recommend checking it out! It’s about $15 everywhere I’ve seen it, but worth it! Let me know what you think!


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