How to Stick to Your Workout Schedule This Summer

Once the sun comes out and your friends come out of hibernation mode, invites to get out and enjoy the weather seem to come in left and right. That being said, fitness still needs to be a priority, but making it a priority doesn’t mean you have to ditch out on all the fun summer invites you receive! With just a few easy swaps, you can have the best of both worlds! Continue reading

5 Things Friday – Confetti Pants, Finishers’ Medals & One Happy Shih Tzu Puppy!



Yup… this is happening today. Looks like my schedule is all clear now to spend some time catching up with you lovely people! Good thing too, because I have some favorites I’ve been wanting to tell you about all week! Let’s get into it! Continue reading

Friday Photo Roundup + Ramblings

Hello and welcome to Friday!

Oh man has this been a week. Phew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I thought Friday would never come! What about you guys?

I was looking through my phone and realized I had a bunch of photos from this week that I haven’t shared, so I thought I’d do a photo roundup + ramblings on what I’ve been up to this week to catch you up!

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The Color Run Race Recap

I participated in my 4th Color Run over the weekend in Tacoma, WA and I have to say there is just something so addicting about running in a tutu and getting completely covered in colored powder! For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Color Run, it is a for profit run that donates a portion of their proceeds to a charitable organization (Ours donated to The Ronald McDonald House).

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