Women of Wonder 5k/10k Race Recap

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

This weekend I did the Women of Wonder 5k and had a blast! Nearly everyone dressed up in some sort of superhero costume (or at least showed up wearing a tutu) and lots of people wore superhero socks with cute little capes on the back. Adorbs! I’ve never been to a female focused race before so it was fun to dress up and have the full race experience.

I started my race prep on Saturday night after I got home from the comedy show by painting my nails and creating a new race day playlist. I always do both of these before every race. It’s kind of a weird superstitious tradition I started when I first started running and haven’t stopped since. This time I chose OPI’s Spark de Triomphe for my nails. Silver glitter seemed  fitting to go with my costume!

photo 2

Since it was a superhero run, I dressed up as the Green Lantern. I decided to take the less cliche approach to this and not dress up like Wonder Women.

unnamed (8)

They had a ton of vendor booths at this race to look at.

photo 1

PCC was handing out free chocolate brownies to all of the participants out of this cute little truck.

photo 3

They even had free Women of Wonder temporary tattoos out for everyone to wear!

photo 4

Here’s my snazzy costume. In case you’re wondering, I found this shirt in the men’s department at Target and cut it into a braided racer back tank with a bow. The front ended up laying a little weird and I think the actual design on the shirt was crooked. Oh well… I guess that’s what you get sometimes when you decide to make your own last minute costume!

photo 2

I wore a pair of my Brooks Ravenna’s that just happened to match my costume! YAY for being a running shoe hoarder!

photo 3

I met BatGirl and made a new friend! Check out her blog here!

unnamed (9)

The start and finish chute was decorated with blue and red garland type stuff for a festive touch.

photo 5

Race day selfie! Maybe I should pick a better location next time then by the signage.

photo 2

The best thing about this race is the bling you get at the end! How awesome is that medal!!!

photo 5

Now for how I did during the run… Those of you who know me, know I’ve been dealing with a pesky knee injury for a little over a year now that has kept me from running for the most part. I signed up for this thinking maybe since I hadn’t been experiencing much knee pain lately that I could possibly pull off completing a 5k. No such luck. I was able to run for about the first mile and a half and then had to basically speed walk my way to the finish chute. Of course I had to run the end because I have a thing about not walking across a finish line. Thankfully, they had a first aid tent at the end of the race so I was able to get some ice for my knee and kick back for a few minutes.

photo 4

photo 1

Even though I wasn’t able to run the whole thing like I had planned, I’m still so glad I went. This race was an absolute blast and I will definitely be doing it again next year if I can get my knee situation under control by then. It’s always fun to dress up for a race, meet some new friends and get some new bling to add to your collection!

photo 2

Also, check out how awesome the tech t-shirts they gave out!

photo 4

Here’s a close up of the shirt.


Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite race you have participated in so far?

How do you usually choose your races? By date, distance, location, swag or all of the above?

– I usually pick mine by distance and date, but races with some sweet swag definitely catch my eye and draw me in too! 🙂

Did you participate in a race last weekend?


14 thoughts on “Women of Wonder 5k/10k Race Recap

  1. I choose my races by distance and what they have to offer, such as a theme or a beautiful location. I’m also running the 12k s of Christmas in Kirkland, I get to dress up and it’s a good distance. The Rivalry 10k is a good distance and it represents my BFs school, it was the right price and close to home!


    • The 12k’s of Christmas?!? That’s awesome! You should do the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k with me in November! Thanks for commenting lady! 🙂


  2. 1.OPI is awesome.
    2. Beautiful selfie, but yeah…the background needs help.
    3. Who is that angry girl in the background in the 3rd (?) Picture up from the bottom? I don’t think she likes you.
    4. Who cares. I like you and that is all that matters. Lol


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