5 Reasons Why I Am Awesome At Life…

Happy Saturday!

Last night, I set my alarm with the intention of going to spin class at the gym this morning. When I woke up BEFORE my alarm to get ready to go (this is no small victory here people!), I realized I forgot one important thing when I made my plans last night, clean pants. Crap!

Sometimes I like to play a little game called how long can I go without doing laundry before it bites me in the butt. I usually win at this game, but today was a loss. You can’t win them all, I guess. So I laid in bed for a few minutes contemplating my options. From what I came up with, I had 3: 1) Go back to bed and skip class, 2) wear running shorts to class or 3) wear dirty pants. None of these were good options in my book. I’ve been really slacking with my workouts this week, so skipping class wasn’t an option and wearing running shorts to spin never ends well for me, so I settled on dirty pants. Thankfully, I had a pair I just wore casually around the house yesterday, so I pulled those ones out and moved on with my morning. Lesson learned.

unnamed (12)

I ended up making it to class this morning with 20 minutes to spare, so I was able to get in 80 minutes of cardio. I’m not going to let a wardrobe malfunction get in my way! WIN!

unnamed (10)

Then, I went to go get my car washed and vacuumed after my road trip to Oregon a couple of weeks ago and this happened.

unnamed (13)

I told myself it was important to make sure my salt intake levels were normal after my workout, so it was okay.

unnamed (15)

Then, I balanced it out with an Turkey Tom Unwich + avocado spread from Jimmy Johns for lunch. YUM!

unnamed (11)

Now this is how I’m planning to spend the rest of my day. Laying on the couch relaxing with these two furry creatures catching up on NCIS Season 11 before the new season starts at the end of this month. I know, I live an exciting life. Try not to be jealous!

Question of the Day:

What fun plans do you have for your Saturday?

What did you do for your workout this morning?

Have you ever had to wear dirty gym clothes to the gym?


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