Make Me Happy Monday 10.27.14

Hello there!

Welcome to Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend! Did you guys finish getting your Halloween costume together? I’ve been putting this off like nobody’s business because I can’t think of anything cool to be this year. I can’t believe how quickly Halloween has snuck up this year! It’s officially decision making time now!

My plan was to get these super cute cat ears I found at Target last week that are black glitter with a purple sequin bow on one of the ears that was absolutely adorable. I went to TWO Target stores yesterday looking for them and couldn’t find them anywhere. I guess that’s what I get for waiting until the last weekend before Halloween to get them. Now I’m back to square one. Thoughts anyone? I’ve gotta figure this one out STAT!


I guess it’s for the best anyways since I went as a cat last year. Time for new memories. And yes, in case you were wondering, I am wearing Uggs with my cat costume in this photo. That’s because 1) I am not very talented at walking in heels and managed to slip and fall before even making it to the party and 2) it was cold and nobody likes to be cold. At least they sort of went with my costume…

Okay so on to the things that are making me happy lately! Let’s start off with a quote because it’s something important that you NEED to know and don’t you forget it!


Source here.

And for the songs that has been making me happy lately. I’ve gotta say 1) I’m admitting that I’m obsessed with Ariana Grande. 2) Glad that Rascal Flatts and Lady Antebellum are finally putting out music that I like again. It was a little hit and miss there for awhile with those guys.




Now I’m going to go ahead and admit something else to you guys today. Maybe I should have named this post “Confessions of an Untalented Heel Wearing Lady, Tea-aholic, Closet Ariana Grande Fan and Nail Polish Addict Monday” instead but that seemed a little long. Anyways, I digress. I think I have a full blown addiction to tea at this point. I picked this one up the last time I was at the store and have been drinking it as a calming treat before bed. I haven’t tried the original Sleepytime tea yet, but I’m definitely loving the vanilla version. I also love that this is another kind that I don’t have to add sweetener to in order to enjoy it. SCORE!


I’ve been keeping up with the whole painting my nails thing since it’s one of the “little luxuries” that I like to do for myself as a way to say “Hey, you’re awesome!” The color I used this time is one of my old favorites “Meet Me on The Star Ferry” by OPI. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but it has a lot of really pretty micro shimmer to it that you can see better in natural lighting. I rediscovered it when I was going through my insanely large nail polish collection to pull out some seasonal fall/winter colors to display in my new nail polish organizer. More on that in a minute though!


Now that the weather is cooling down, my cuticles are kind of becoming a mess as I’m sure you noticed in the photo above. So, I’ve been slathering on this cuticle butter to try to keep it in check. It usually does the trick after a couple of days. I’m just really bad at remembering to put it on so that doesn’t help the problem!


And here’s my awesome new nail polish organizer that makes me happy every time I look at it. It’s so nice to have a collection of colors out where I can easily see them, instead of having to dig through the plastic containers I was using before. I had been thinking about buying some new colors to celebrate the changing of the seasons, but after going through my collection, I decided I’m pretty set for now!

unnamed (4)

I’ve also really been loving this t-shirt I picked up on my trip to Joseph, OR back in August. I’m kind of bummed I didn’t pick up more when I was there because the store I got them from sold them at a fraction of the cost they are being sold for online. 😦 They fit perfectly and are super soft, so if you’re in the market for some new basic tees, I’d definitely recommend checking this one out.


I got a couple pieces of really exciting blog related news last week. First, I was accepted to the Sweat Pink Ambassador program which is very exciting! I can’t wait to start getting to know my fellow ambassadors and to be a part of such an awesome healthy living community! They’ve been so supportive and welcoming of me so far so I’m excited to be a part of the team! I’ll make sure to take a picture when I get my pink shoelaces and Sweat Pink Ambassador tank in the mail! 🙂


The second piece of exciting blog related news I got recently was being featured on Healthy Living Blogs as the featured blog last week. You can find my feature here. I had no idea this was even happening so I was shocked when I saw it pop up in my blog feed!


Even though this photo of Bella eating pumpkin puree is pretty blurry, it still makes me smile. She’s so adorable!


I’ve got something planned for you guys tomorrow that is making me very happy today! Can you guess what it is?!?!


Questions of the Day:

Send your Halloween costume ideas my way! I’m in despite need of your ideas!

Do you have any fun plans for Halloween this year? What’s your costume?

What’s one thing making you happy lately?


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