Links I Love 10.26.14 + Link-Up!

Good morning and welcome to Sunday, sleepy heads!

I hope you all have been having a good weekend so far! I had a very fun and productive day with my family yesterday, but we can talk more about that later. I wanted to share some tips & tricks, recipes and interesting reads I came across online this week. Hopefully you like some of them too! If you read or wrote anything interesting this week, make sure to share it in the comments below or add it to the link-up! I’m going to start hosting a link-up for you all to share any awesome content you think others will enjoy every Sunday so make sure to add your favorite links each week!

This doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but here’s a random picture I took walking to the bus one morning that I thought was pretty and wanted to share. It definitely is fall. There’s no denying it now!


best tips and tricks i’ve read about this week

I can’t wait to try this 3 ingredient DIY deep conditioning mask from maskcara. I’m super excited it uses ingredients I already have at home because I hate going on the hunt for the random ingredients that some of these recipes call for.

I have a feeling that this “I don’t want to workout” workout by The Fitnessista will come in handy during the dark and gloomy days of fall and winter.

I’ve had problems with energy gels making my stomach cramp during runs in the past so I really liked these tips on fueling and hydration from Hungry Runner Girl.

I never really understood the difference using a compression sleeve vs. a compression sock could make until I watched this vlog from Run, Eat, Repeat. Up until now, I always thought it was a choice that came down to fashion preference and what shoes you planned to wear them with. Whoops!


get in my belly! 

I need to make this eggs in a basket breakfast from The Fitnessista this weekend. It looks so delicious!

These are some of the most adorable healthy Halloween treats I’ve ever seen from FitSugar. Don’t worry,  they’ve included the recipes too!

Since the weather is getting colder, I’m loving crockpot recipes now more than ever and this Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken recipe from Peanut Butter Fingers is no exception!

I’m always down for a good dairy-free dessert, so I need to make these grain-free dairy-free almond butter lava cakes from The Fitnessista asap!

This crispy cauliflower buffalo bite recipe from Pop Sugar would be perfect for a fall get together with friends. Maybe for a book club get together coming up?? 🙂


other random reads

I love this concept of not only enduring, but enduring well from Hungry Runner Girl is so true. What is the purpose of just getting by when you can strive?

I know, I know… cross training is important but this post from Eat Pray Run DC pointed out some reasons I hadn’t thought of before.

A love letter that only runners would understand by Amanda Brooks via So cute and so true.

One of my absolute biggest fear during a race. Runners Get Lost, Dodge Cars at Bangalore Marathon via

Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, even Mama Laughlin. Sometimes it’s good to know we’re not the only one.


Questions of the Day:

Did you read or write anything interesting this week? Link it up below!

What did you do this weekend?

What’s your favorite recipe?


Now time for the link-up. Did you read or write anything interesting that you want to share this week? Link it up below and share your knowledge! 

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