Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken Recipe + Weekend in Review

Hey there!

I don’t know about you guys, but I had a VERY busy weekend! I spent Saturday with my aunt, uncle and mom and we made another version of our pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, crock pot santa fe chicken, apple nachos, watched Flightplan and Panic Room (to stick with the Halloween “suspense” theme) and also took some pretty cool photos you will be seeing on here shortly.


This time we opted to use a yellow cake mix and add in our own spices since the spiced cake mix tends to make the finished muffin look a little browner than I like. We added cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to the cake mix to try to make our own “spiced” version without compromising the color.


I was obviously in charge of measuring dumping most of the bag of chocolate chips into the mixture.


If you end up making these, make sure to try some of the raw batter. It’s delicious and you don’t have to worry about it making you sick since there isn’t any eggs in it. YUM! Raw cookie dough is definitely one of my all time favorite desserts so I can definitely get on board with some raw pumpkin muffin dough to celebrate the holiday season!

Look at these sisters helping each other out! How sweet! 🙂


Check out these super cute cups I got for this round of muffins. The orange ended up blending in with the muffins after they were baked, so I’d probably opt for another color next time, but they’re still cute!


Here’s the color of the finished product. They look a more appealing color wise to the ones made with spiced cake mix, but the ones made with spiced cake mix taste better. The ones made with the yellow cake mix are also a little more moist than the ones made with the spiced cake mix. Both are good though so you’ll be fine with whatever one you choose to go with.




I’m sure she loved it when I stuck a camera in her face mid bite! Sorry! I guess this is what nieces are for though! 🙂


And this is what aunts are for! I needed some help taking some photos for some upcoming blog posts that need a little more professional looking photos then I have been using up until now, so I asked my aunt to help me work on my photography skills.

My uncle build her this handy box for taking photos for her Esty shop to eliminate shadows in her photos. I asked if I could use it, along with my uncle’s lights for painting to take some snazzy new photos that I can’t wait to share with you!


We spent the afternoon setting up different props on different backgrounds to see what looked best. Thankfully my aunt had a lot of options for backgrounds to choose from because I tried out a TON of different ones until I thought I got it just right! I even roped my mom in on the fun by having her take these “behind the scenes” photos!


Then we started making this crock pot santa fe chicken recipe for dinner. Here’s all the ingredients we used. We even saved a ton of money by using the store brand version of all of our ingredients. SCORE!


So just in case you didn’t know this, because I didn’t, you need to wash all canned beans before you use them. Important tip: apparently rinsing them off also helps the beans not upset your stomach after you eat them. Good to know!


This is what all the ingredients looked like in the crock pot. We put the chicken in first so that’s why you can’t see it in this photo.


While we waited for our main dish to cook, we made some cornbread to go on the side. I put warm honey on mine. YUM!


This is what the finished meal looked like over rice. It turned out a little more liquid-y than I would have liked it to so I will probably cut back on the amount of liquid I put in the next time around.

I thought I was being super chef-y when we were making this by not measuring out the seasoning and just going for it. I would not recommend doing this unless you’re better at “eyeing it” than I am. I didn’t end up putting enough seasoning in it so we had to add to our plates individually. I ended up adding too much cayenne pepper to mine, so it was a little bit on the spicy side! Learn from my mistakes!


Later on in the evening during our movie marathon that consisted of Flightplan and Panic Room, we made apple nachos as a healthy somewhat healthy snack. (I’ll be doing a post on how to make these later this week!)


On Sunday, I met up with my good friend, Amber, for brunch at the Sun Break Cafe. It was sooooo good to catch up with her. It’s been way too long!


We had a lot to catch up on and ended up staying for a couple of hours just chatting about anything and everything. I made her teach me how she mastered the perfect sock bun (even though my hair is too short to do this now) and I filled her in on the best new tv shows she HAS to watch!


Believe it or not, these meals are the HALF portion they offer on the menu. It looks like a BIG sized portion to me! Neither of us were able to finish our meals. We both got a bacon and ham scramble with our choice of fun bread. Amber picked pumpkin bread and I got marionberry bread with mine. YUM! We will definitely be going back here for brunch again soon!


PHEW! That was a lot! I feel like we’re all caught up now though so that’s good! Let me know if you end up making the pumpkin muffins or the santa fe crock pot chicken. I’d love to hear what you thought of it!

Questions of the Day:

What did you do this weekend?

What’s your favorite kind of flavored bread?

Did you watch any movies this weekend? Which one?



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