Annoying Gym Habits/People That I Don’t Understand

Hello and Welcome to Workout Wednesday!

I know I usually provide you with helpful workout tips on Workout Wednesday, but my friend Jenica did a post about some annoying gym habits last week and I had to do my own take on it. I know this is a place of positivity, but I actually think these posts are funny, so hopefully you will too. Please keep in mind this is all in good fun so please don’t take offence or send me hate comments. Are we all on the same page now with this? Okay… good!

I’d like to start first with some of the people that annoy me most in spin class…

People who try to use my spin bike. (joking, not joking)

Let’s get this one out of the way first. I have a particular bike I like to use when I go to spin class and I get to the gym early to claim my bike. It’s positioned perfectly between two air conditioning vents, has a good view of the front so I can keep up with what’s going on and my favorite spin friends sit in the area of this bike. One day, one of my jokster spin friends decided he was going to use my bike for class that day. Needless to say, he’s never done it again. Not because I was mean to him though, but because he said the tension on my bike is harder than the one he usually uses. 🙂

Loud groups of people (girls) in group fitness classes.


The other day, THREE girls walked into spin class 30 minutes late and proceeded to have a VERY loud conversation for at least the first 10 minutes like they were just hanging out at a bar or something. It’s great that people bring their friends to class and are having fun working out, but I do not want to hear all about how you wish you had a bike seat cushion because your whooha hurts or about what you had for lunch that day. A little conversation here and there is completely acceptable, but don’t make it SO loud that those who are trying to listen and follow the routine can’t hear what the instructor is saying. It was so bad in this instance that the instructor actually had to get off her bike and talk to them privately to get them to quiet down.

People who come into the class to spectate, talk loud to someone they know taking the class and not actually participate.

There is a girl at my gym that does this at least once a week in spin. She comes in halfway through class to talk to her dad by his spin bike VERY loudly for awhile and cause a huge distraction. Then when she finally decides to leave, she ALWAYS stops at the mirror by the door to pull down her tank top to make sure she’s showing enough cleavage, fixes her hair and is on her way. So weird.

People who text/talk on the phone through the entire spin class and don’t even attempt to keep up to the pace of the music.

Why did you even bother coming to class? Seriously though.


Now for some of the people I find annoying outside of spin class…

People who wear jeans on the treadmill or elliptical.

This just seems weird to me. They must use an insane amount of Body Glide to protect themselves from the chafing that is bound to happen here. Enough said.

People who sit at a bench I want to use while texting or just plain staring at themselves in the mirror.


My gym literally only has 4 flat benches to use for weight lifting. If you’re using one of those to sit and stare at yourself, I’m going to be mad at you. End of story. Also, what are you doing? Trying to burn a hole in the mirror with your eyeballs? I don’t understand. If you’re going to stare, at least strike a pose and entertain the people around you a little bit so you don’t completely make everyone beyond mad at you.

People who sit on a machine while texting.

This goes hand in hand with the last one. I guarantee someone wants to use that machine. I’m sure that text to your mother can wait.

People who hog all the dumbells.

I can understand having two sets if you’re rotating between two different exercises where you need two different size weights, but anything more just isn’t fair to the rest of the gym population.

People who stare at you to the point of awkwardness.


Please don’t stare. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Thanks.

The person who forgets deodorant.

I don’t want to still smell you 5 minutes after you walk away. The end.

Girls who wear inappropriate gym workout clothing.


We get it. You have an awesome body that you worked hard for. There’s still no need to wear the smallest sports bra and shorts known to man kind to the gym. Let’s be a little more modest here ladies. We’re at the gym, not a night club.

Guys who think they have to come to your “rescue” and adjust your machine for you since you’re a girl and can’t possibly adjust it yourself AND make sure to tell you that.

This is actually probably my biggest pet peeve. A guy came over to help me adjust a machine once and told me I needed to work on my strength so I could become strong enough to do it on my own sometime. UMMMMM EXCUSE ME?!?! 1) I did not ask for your help. 2) If you’re going to help, be nice about it. Don’t put me down in the process. 3) I wasn’t struggling and had adjusted this very same machine dozens of times all on my own before. Thanks but no thanks sir. I can handle this one on my own thank you very much.

The one muscle head that has his possy of followers that drool on every word they say and follow them around the gym for hours without really doing any work.


Sorry! This one gets me a little worked up too for some reason. Please tell me this isn’t just at my gym. There are two of them at my gym and they drive me CRAZY. If you want to help people get into shape, become a personal trainer. If not, stop wandering the gym aimlessly acting like a trainer without doing any work.

People who feel the need to drop heavy weights.

This just scares the crap out of me every time it happens. That’s the only reason why I don’t like it. Haha!

The person who HAS to use the machine right next to you when all the others are open.

Why does this always happen? I don’t understand! You can pick ANY machine and you HAVE to use the one right next to me?


Now for some people I love at the gym that most people probably hate…

People who take gym selfies.


I wish I could say I hate it when people do this, but I don’t. I actually think it’s comical and appreciate them giving me a good laugh. A while back there was a girl in my spin class that sat thisclose to the mirror and took fishy face selfies the whole entire class. I was highly entertained and it made time fly for me!

People who dance in front of the mirror in the weight room.

This actually happened once. I SWEAR this guy thought he was rehearsing to be a backup dancer in the new Britney Spears video or something. It was awesome.

Guys who wear shorts that are WAY to short.

I’m always wondering if they got confused and accidentally bought them in the women’s section of Lululemon instead.



Once again, this is all in good fun so please don’t take any of this personally. I hope at least one of these made you laugh out loud a little! 🙂

Questions of the Day:

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen anyone do at the gym?

What gym person annoys you the most?

Do you have anything you’d like to see in a future Workout Wednesday post?


8 thoughts on “Annoying Gym Habits/People That I Don’t Understand

  1. Thankfully I only use the rec center to swim and when it is too snowy to workout outdoors. Funniest thing to me is a guy that runs in Tevas. Might be common, but wow…I always wonder how he does it. Most annoying is people trying to talk to me when I am swimming laps. I go non stop and am wearing music so when they try to talk I just pretend like I don’t hear them (well, I don’t hear them but I am not gonna stop to hear what they have to say….)


    • Running in Tevas sounds like a horrible idea to me!!! Yikes! I hate it when people see you have headphones in and still try to talk to you. Isn’t the point of having headphones in so you can just focus without interruption? I usually try to act like I can’t hear them also but then sometimes they move so their face is in your line of view so you have to pull out your headphones and actually acknowledge them. Sooooo annoying!


  2. These are so accurate!! I see most of these every time I’m at my apartment complex’s gym and I get so irritated. Especially those who sit there on their phone at a machine I want to use. I was there one time and a guy sat at a machine the entire time I was there- on his phone and never once used the machine. Ugh!


  3. So – there are definitely some weird things that go on at your gym that don’t at mine! But I love this! I completely agree with all of them. And maybe if I looked at the people taking selfies the same way you did it wouldn’t annoy me as much :p


  4. hahaha! you’re funny! honestly I hate people who take selfies on the normal gym floor like you mentioned but this random crazy chick in spin was really entertaining! the gym I go to is a little bit ghetto so that probably has something to do with the difference between yours and mine. 🙂


  5. Bahaha these are all spot on! I have never seen someone wearing jeans on the elliptical, but I would probably flip a SHIP 😉 I HATE it when people hog machines and just sit there… like, can I at least work in with you?


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