Sometimes my dogs like to hold me hostage.

Happy Monday everyone!

Did you guys have a great weekend? I had a pretty relaxing weekend, aside from having to spend some time on Saturday at work to catch up on a project. Before I went in to work, I took the little fur balls for a walk and enjoyed some quality “Wake Up with Taylor” time and soaked up some sunshine!

This is how our walk started out…


And this is how it ended. They’re not the best leash walkers, but I still love them anyways.


I found probably the most random thing on the sidewalk during our walk. A Top Ramen chicken flavor packet. How that randomly ends up on the sidewalk, I will never understand.


I stopped in at Jimmy Johns for my favorite turkey tom unwich for a little dinner treat to make up for having to work on a Saturday. It always hits the spot.


I was also planning on picking up a passion tea lemonade but the Starbucks by my office closes at 2pm on Saturdays!!!! WHAT?!?! Don’t you hold my passion tea hostage Starbucks! Unacceptable! So I turned around defeated and took my unwich into work and got busy. I also did some blog work while I was there so it wasn’t a complete loss.


On Sunday, I woke up early to make my favorite brownies to take to a BBQ at Katie’s boyfriend Anthony’s house. Turns out they are Anthony’s favorite brownies also! Score! (Random side note about these brownies is that they are the only boxed brownies I have found that have chocolate chips in them while also being dairy free. Just a little fun fact for you!)


Then I spent some time snuggling with this little nugget while I waited for them to bake.


Before the BBQ, I headed over to Katie’s house to curl her hair. We watched a ton of Taylor Swift music videos and caught up while I curled her hair. Perfect way to get ready if you ask me.


I think I’ve officially decided that I need this haircut stat.


Source here.

I totally forgot to take any photos to show you from the BBQ, but check out this awesome painting that Katie painted and gave to me! I can’t wait to find a special home for it! Thanks girl!


Questions of the Day:

What did you do this weekend?

What is the most random thing you have seen during a walk or a run?


Share Your Thoughts :)

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