A Look Back At 2014


I wasn’t originally planning on doing a year in review recap since I didn’t start A Couple of Dashes until August, but after reading a few by other bloggers (Lake Shore Runner, Meals and Miles and Run Eat Repeat), I decided I would be sad if I didn’t have one to look back at next year. My year was filled with some crazy highs and lows. I lost some old friends and made some new ones, let go of some dreams that could never fully make it to fruition, but also saw some dreams I never could have imagined before come true. So here’s a look back at all the shenanigans I got into in 2014! Let’s get to it!

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The Weekend of Two Birthday Parties and a Visit To The Hospital.

Hey there!

So I had quite the exciting weekend this weekend! It was jam packed with lots of fun time with friends, which is always a good time! I ended up getting my hair cut and colored, which always makes me happy, and celebrated not one, but TWO birthdays! Unfortunately, my weekend didn’t end as fun as it started, but I’m okay and got some happy feel better pills from the doctor to take care of the pain so that’s good at least.

I hope you all had a great weekend and that you’re ended better than mine did! Here’s some photos from my weekend, with one sentence per photo! Enjoy!

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