Five Things Friday! – New Job, The Bachelor Sighting, Snacks, Sweat Pink and MORE!

Hey everyone!

This week has been a lot of fun but also really odd. Let me explain…

I’ve done a ton of fun things like meet up with Jenica for an impromptu dinner, ran my first 5k in FOREVER with some Sweat Pink friends (more on this later) and had some going away parties and happy hours with work friends. It’s all been a little surreal though since the going away parties and happy hours have been for me. I know shocker…

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Weekend Recap – Super Bowl XLIX Edition!

Hey there!

I’m checking in with you a little later than normal today because I had quite the eventful night last night, as you can probably imagine. I’m absolutely shocked after the big game yesterday. Just baffled. I actually considered not blogging today to mourn my loss, but I’m still so proud of everything that our boys accomplished this season, so I’m trying to focus on that instead. Continue reading

A Little FFF’ers Dream Come True + Weekend in Review

Hello All!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and had the chance to do something fun. This weekend, my Little FFF’er dream came true! For those of you who don’t know what a Little FFF’er is, it’s a nickname for the listeners of Cosmo Radio’s Wake Up with Taylor which is the show I listen to on Sirius XM Every. Single. Day. Seriously though, those of you who know me know I quote things I’ve heard on the show like 50 times a day. I’m obsessed.

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Go HAWKS and Smelly Fridges!

Hello All!

This morning I was fully expecting to be running a little late for work because I decided I absolutely could not sit at work for another¬†second¬†with our stinky fridge and I NEEDED to stop at the grocery store to get some baking soda to try to remedy the problem. We’ve cleaned it out completely and it still smells so horrible that the sticky smell made it’s way out into the hallway yesterday. EEEEEKKKK! We had to spray the office with Lysol spray and turn all our fans on overnight to try to clear out the smell! Horrible, I know! I’m hoping this will make it better!

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