We All Have Our Ups And Downs…

I just wanted to thank you all for all of your sweet comments on my post yesterday. You were all so sweet and I can’t thank you enough for all of your lovely comments and Tweets about my post.

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the flip side of my post yesterday. I felt inspired to write this post to share with you all after reading this post by my friend, Molly. I know this may seem kind of ironic after yesterday’s post on positivity, but I always want to be as transparent as possible on here. Everyone has their ups and downs when dealing with an injury and I am no different. It’s easy for me to get on here and tell you to embrace the change and be open to new experiences, which I do truly believe, but it’s not fair to only show the “everything is peachy keen” side of the story, so here’s the uglier side of things. Let’s dig into it.

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Staying Positive While Dealing With An Injury

Staying positive when dealing with an injury is a topic that has been milling around in my head for the last little while now, as I’m sure you guessed. Even though I’m up and moving after my car accident, things are not even close to being back to normal. I’m still dealing with the never ending headache and a ton of aches and pains I never had before. Needless to say, things around here have changed a little lately.

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