What Does it Mean to “Earn” Your Race Medal?

The concept of what it really means to actually “earn” your race medal (or race bib for that matter) is something that I’ve been struggling to define for awhile now. After my injury, I had a really hard time giving up running indefinitely, since I considered it to be my soul sport. I never participated in traditional sports in school because I was never really any good at them, so once I found running, it felt like I had finally found a place where I could excel and belong.

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The Beauty of Starting Lines in Running and in Life


I came across this awhile ago and it really struck me. I knew I wanted to write something about it, but I didn’t know what just yet. I’ve been holding on to it and pondering for awhile until I could really figure out what I wanted to say. After giving it some thought, I think I’ve finally figured it out, so here it goes…

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