A Look Back At 2014


I wasn’t originally planning on doing a year in review recap since I didn’t start A Couple of Dashes until August, but after reading a few by other bloggers (Lake Shore Runner, Meals and Miles and Run Eat Repeat), I decided I would be sad if I didn’t have one to look back at next year. My year was filled with some crazy highs and lows. I lost some old friends and made some new ones, let go of some dreams that could never fully make it to fruition, but also saw some dreams I never could have imagined before come true. So here’s a look back at all the shenanigans I got into in 2014! Let’s get to it!

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A Little FFF’ers Dream Come True + Weekend in Review

Hello All!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and had the chance to do something fun. This weekend, my Little FFF’er dream came true! For those of you who don’t know what a Little FFF’er is, it’s a nickname for the listeners of Cosmo Radio’s Wake Up with Taylor which is the show I listen to on Sirius XM Every. Single. Day. Seriously though, those of you who know me know I quote things I’ve heard on the show like 50 times a day. I’m obsessed.

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