Links I Love Round Up 9/21/14

Hello there!

Happy Sunday!

What are you guys up to today? I’m out and about fitting in a little time at the gym before heading to the fair to no doubt eat all the calories and then some that I just burned at the gym in deep fried fair food. I used to make it to the fair at least once a year, either for work (my old job used to require me to spend a TON of time at the fair), a concert or just for fun with friends, but I’m actually not sure when the last time I went was.

I think it may have been in 2011 when I went with this lady to see the Joe Nichols concert. We were lucky enough to score some meet and greet passes for after the show, but I can’t find my picture! FAIL! (Random side note: I think this photo was taken when I was insanely addicted to spray tanning. Sometimes, I would go twice a week. It was a scary time!)

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