Annoying Gym Habits/People That I Don’t Understand

Hello and Welcome to Workout Wednesday!

I know I usually provide you with helpful workout tips on Workout Wednesday, but my friend Jenica did a post about some annoying gym habits last week and I had to do my own take on it. I know this is a place of positivity, but I actually think these posts are funny, so hopefully you will too.┬áPlease keep in mind this is all in good fun so please don’t take offence or send me hate comments. Are we all on the same page now with this? Okay… good!

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Upper Body Superset Workout

Hello All!

Welcome to Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad this is a short week. The fact that as soon as we hit September 1st, it immediately turned from nice sunny days to cloudy, grey, cold and rainy is getting to me a little. What about you?

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