My Aha Moment and Weekly Workout Recap Confessional

After spending the day cheering for Jenica during the Rock n Roll Seattle Half Marathon back in June, I decided to finally commit to completing another half marathon. This race has always been on my bucket list, but being there for the festivities while not being able to participate due to an injury, really lit a fire under me to make this dream a reality in 2016. Since the entry fee for 2016 was only $50 during the week following the race, I decided to take the plunge and register.

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Weekend in Review: Happy 30th To Me!

Last Thursday I celebrated the big 30, but I’ve been celebrating all week long. I’ve been told that birth week celebrations are a thing so I’ve been taking full advantage of it! I’ve also got big plans to celebrate with a group of friends next weekend by crossing something off of my bucket list, so I’m really excited for that too! Continue reading

Weekend in Review: Rock and Roll Seattle & All Things Running!

This weekend was all about running, as all good weekends should be.

My friend, Jenica, ran her first half marathon over the weekend at the Rock and Roll Seattle Half. She totally killed it, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start from Friday night at the expo!

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Weekend In Review – Family, Friends & S’more Popcorn!


Happy Monday Friends!

Hopefully you had a great weekend so that having to go back to work on Monday seems a little less unbearable for you! I know this week is going to be a busy one for me, since I have stuff to catch up on from last week still, a team event to help plan and everyday random fires that always seem to come up so I took the weekend as a welcomed break from the hustle for awhile! 🙂

What I thought was going to be a low key weekend, actually turned in to a pretty busy one. I’m not complaining though! I like getting out and doing exploring a little on the weekends!

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Weekend In Review: Greenlake, Scratch Margaritas & Chick Fil A Take 2!

Hey there!

Did you have a great weekend? I sure hope it was as pretty where you are as it was here!

It was a beautiful weekend in my neck of the woods so I tried to take advantage of it as much as I could. I somehow managed to jam in lots of friends and family time, while also relaxing, doing all of my household stuff and even fitting in a nap. Not sure how all of that happened, but I’m not complaining!

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