Links I Love Round Up 9.28.14

Happy Sunday!

Have you guys been having a good weekend? I’ve honestly been doing a whole lot of nothing so far. Later today, I’m headed over to a friends house for a little girl time before heading to a BBQ today so I’m excited about that!

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Finding Balance and Learning to Roll with the Punches.


I know it looks like it’s all been fun and games over here in my world, but I’ll be the first to tell you, life isn’t always as it seems. Life has been throwing me some shit lately that I just really haven’t had the time, nor the energy to deal with. Not anything big, just things like rejection letters from things I really wanted, missing the bus because I temporary “lost” my dog, running out of clean workout clothes (AGAIN) and not realizing it until the last minute, etc. I know you can all relate to this. Take those small things and add them on top of the fact that I have been stressed to the max, unable to relax and unwind and running a mile a minute for some reason and that kind of sums up my week. Needless to say I’m a little on edge and feeling like my life is lacking balance right now.

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