Would You Still Be My Friend If You Knew…

Hey there!

I have kind of a fun post to share with you today! I was tagged by Farrah last week to share 10 confessions! I always love reading these posts, so I’m excited to come clean and share my confessions with you!

The rules of the game are:

  • Confess 10 things and tag 10 people.
  • You can talk about something embarrassing, something no one knows about or a guilty pleasure.

Okay… now that we’ve got all of the details covered, let’s get into it! 🙂 Continue reading

Merry Late Christmas & The 12 Days of Christmas Survey


I know… I know… I’m a little behind on the whole Christmas blogging thing! This whole car accident, concussion, neck and back sprain threw me for a bit of a loop and I didn’t get to all of the holiday related blogs I wanted to post this year. Even though Christmas has already come and gone, I still wanted to take a moment to thank you all for stopping by and supporting my little corner of the internet this year. Continue reading

Liebster Award

Hey there!

I’ve got exciting news for you! I was nominated by Haley at Running with Diapers for this lovely little award. Since I love awards and am always down for a survey this was right up my alley! Thanks Haley!

After doing some research to find out more about the history of this award, I found out that it’s actually more like a chain letter, than an award, in the sense that those who are nominated, must pass it on. It’s still an honor to receive though since you must be nominated by someone in the blogging community to participate. The Liebster Award is an award presented to new bloggers with a growing audience as a way to spread the word about up-and-coming bloggers and welcome them into the blogging community with supportive and open arms! (Side note: The word “liebster” is actually German for “dearest” or “favorite.”) How sweet!


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