A few thoughts on body kindness and running…

I realized something today after running my first 10k in FOREVER. Running allows  me to be kinder to myself and more accepting of the things I would like to change.

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Join the FIRST EVER Virtual Gratitude 5k & Giveaway!

Hey there everyone!

So I know I might be falling a little behind on my blogging game right now, but I wanted to take some time to bring you something awesome! I can’t wait to share it with you! ❤

‘Tis the season when the temperatures start to drop and your calendars are full to the brim with social events. There’s definitely not a lack of fun to be had and because of that, our fitness routines tend to suffer.

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Confessions about life right now…

I know I’ve been neglecting my little corner of the blogosphere for quite some time now. It’s partially due to an explosion of work craziness, but my pure denial is also to blame. I was going strong (or so I thought) on my return to running about a month or so ago. I was finally able to lace up, cross a few finish lines and score some sweet new PR’s. It was such a good feeling to get back to not only doing what I love, with people that I love, but also to get a little closer to feeling like myself again.

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Running Victories and You MUST Add This Song to Your Playlist STAT!

I can’t say that I enjoy being to work at 7am, but I DO enjoy when I’m able to get off from work early enough to make it to the lake before the massive crowds take up all the parking.

The only problem is that around 4:30pm is basically the hottest part of the day. It was about 9 million degrees outside and I was wearing this.

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#IAmWomen: The Fit Dish Interview

Hiya there!

Every Tuesday I link up with Jessica and Jill for The Fit Dish linkup. If you haven’t heard of The Fit Dish linkup yet, it’s an awesome linkup where empowering women athletes/bloggers share their fitness tips and tricks, favorite recipes and inspiring stories with the blogosphere.

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Link Love 06.14.15 + Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What You Can’t Do…

Happy Sunday My Lovelies!

I hope you all are soaking up the last little bit of your weekend before heading back to the daily grind tomorrow morning. Bleh. Is it just me or are the weekends never long enough?!!? I always feel like I need just ONE.MORE.DAY. But seriously though, can Tuesday become the new Monday?!?

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How to gain a clearer mind and a new perspective.

Hey there!

Today I want to talk to you guys about losing your mojo and how to gain it back. It’s something I personally have experience with, so in the spirit of being open and honest here, I wanted to share my thoughts and experience.
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My Healthy Living Inspiration

Hey guys!

Remember me?!?! I know I keep apologizing for being MIA lately. I’ve been spending the last couple weeks trying to figure out what my new normal is between working at least 9 hour days, while still trying to fit in time for friends, family, outings with coworkers, workouts, blogging and SLEEP.

Since today is the start of a new week (spoiler alert: I don’t write these posts at 7am in the morning when they go live, I actually write them the night before.), and since I feel like I’m getting a little bit of a better grasp of things at work, I’m working to reincorporate things like blogging and working out back into my schedule.

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Link Love 03.15.15 + Don’t Look Back

Hey there sleepy heads!

I know I’m coming to you with this about 15 hours later than I usually publish my posts each day, but I got really distracted gathering some fun posts to share with you all that I lost track of time. Even though it’s late, I still wanted to check in with all of you and share my current personal mantra and some articles I enjoyed this week.

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5 Quotes & Sayings To Live By

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m not gonna lie, that is pretty much going to be me today. It’s hard work to act busy all day on a Friday until it’s finally time to go home! To say that I’m ready for the weekend would be an understatement! I FINALLY got the important phone call I was waiting for so I’ve been pretty much in party-jump-up-and-down-and-do-a-happy-dance mode since yesterday morning! I can’t wait to talk more about it, but I need to cross the “T’s” and dot the “I’s” first! Needless to say, I have a big weekend of 5k’s, family & friend time and planning ahead of me, so I can’t wait to get this weekend started!

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