Link Love 06.21.15 & HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Hey there!

I hope all of you were able to spend some time with your Dad today to celebrate. I was busy hanging out with my dad today and making him breakfast (while also simultaneously trying not to burn my parents’ house down), so I’m coming to you a little later than normal this Sunday.

Anywhoo… let’s get to some of my favorite links from this week! Enjoy!

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Link Love 06.14.15 + Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What You Can’t Do…

Happy Sunday My Lovelies!

I hope you all are soaking up the last little bit of your weekend before heading back to the daily grind tomorrow morning. Bleh. Is it just me or are the weekends never long enough?!!? I always feel like I need just ONE.MORE.DAY. But seriously though, can Tuesday become the new Monday?!?

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Link Love 05.17.15 + Nothing Worth Having…

Hey there!

I know I’m coming to you with this post a little (okay a lot) later than usual, but I couldn’t find a quote or words of wisdom that I wanted to share this week yet, so I put it off until I was able to think of something that struck me. Continue reading

Link Love 03.15.15 + Don’t Look Back

Hey there sleepy heads!

I know I’m coming to you with this about 15 hours later than I usually publish my posts each day, but I got really distracted gathering some fun posts to share with you all that I lost track of time. Even though it’s late, I still wanted to check in with all of you and share my current personal mantra and some articles I enjoyed this week.

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Link Love 03.06.15 + You’re A Runner…

Hey there!

Happy Sunday! Man this has been a crazy busy weekend! I feel like I haven’t even had a break to relax and now it’s almost time to go back to work again. Boooo!!! I hope your weekend has been a little more relaxing than mine has! I guess sometimes you’ve just gotta power through and do what needs to be done, right?

Anyways… let’s move on to something a little more positive. There’s always a huge debate on what “makes” a runner. I’ve touched on it here before when I wrote about what it means to “earn” your race medal but it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about it. When I came across this quote, it seemed like the perfect time to talk about this again.  Continue reading

Link Love 02.21.15 + A Life Lesson

Happy Sunday Sleep Head!

You know what would be awesome? If today was only Saturday and we still had the whole weekend in front of us. Obvi! Since that’s not going to happen though, let’s try and make the best of it, okay?

This week has been an interesting one. I’ve had a couple of people give me the exact advice below this week pertaining to certain people/situations in my life.

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Link Love 02.15.15 + Happy Half-Price Candy Day!

Happy Half-Price Candy Day!

Now that’s a holiday I can get behind! I’ve been feeling exceptionally motivated this weekend to try out new-to-me recipes and actually spend some time outside since the weather here has been beautiful and not very cold. It kind of makes me feel bad for the people on the east coast that seem to be getting hit by all the possible natural disasters at once.

Anywhoo… I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend so far and that the weather where you are is as beautiful there as it has been here! But before you head out to start your day, spend a little extra time in bed checking out some of the links I’ve been loving this week! Enjoy!

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Link Love 02.08.15 + Goals In Life

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I spent all day on Friday thinking about what I want from my career and the next few years of my life, so when I saw this quote, it seemed to explain my thoughts exactly. Continue reading

Link Love 02.01.15 + Funny Videos!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!

I can’t believe the day is finally here! EEEEKKK! I’m so excited to bust out all my green and blue and hang out with some of my favorite people to root on the Hawks! I’ve got all my blue and green treats ready to go and I can’t wait to stuff my face in a plate of cupcakes eat one cupcake in a very lady like manner. But before all the excitement starts and we all enter into a sugar coma, here are some links I came across this week that I wanted to share with you! Enjoy!

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5 Things Friday – Nuunbassador, Ed Sheeran and a holiday gift guide from Grace Helbig.

Hey there!

Can you guys believe it’s now less than a week to Christmas! YIKES! Who still has shopping left to do? I can’t be the only one, so don’t leave me out here hanging guys! I can honestly say I haven’t stepped foot into the mall this year for any of my Christmas shopping so far, since I’ve done most of it online or at Target, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to break down and brave the mall before the season is over and I’m not excited about it.

Anywhoo… let’s get down to business this Friday with my 5 Things Friday list!

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