Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey there everyone!

I was so honored that Jessica from Semi-Sweet Tooth nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Eeekk! It’s always a huge honor when a fellow blogger nominates you for an award and it definitely was the highlight of my hectic week! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, head over to Semi-Sweet Tooth for workouts, blog tips, gift giving advice and more!

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Would You Still Be My Friend If You Knew…

Hey there!

I have kind of a fun post to share with you today! I was tagged by Farrah last week to share 10 confessions! I always love reading these posts, so I’m excited to come clean and share my confessions with you!

The rules of the game are:

  • Confess 10 things and tag 10 people.
  • You can talk about something embarrassing, something no one knows about or a guilty pleasure.

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I Love…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

In honor of V-day, I thought today would be the perfect day to talk about some of the little things that make life awesome. Continue reading

A Look Back At 2014


I wasn’t originally planning on doing a year in review recap since I didn’t start A Couple of Dashes until August, but after reading a few by other bloggers (Lake Shore Runner, Meals and Miles and Run Eat Repeat), I decided I would be sad if I didn’t have one to look back at next year. My year was filled with some crazy highs and lows. I lost some old friends and made some new ones, let go of some dreams that could never fully make it to fruition, but also saw some dreams I never could have imagined before come true. So here’s a look back at all the shenanigans I got into in 2014! Let’s get to it!

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Merry Late Christmas & The 12 Days of Christmas Survey


I know… I know… I’m a little behind on the whole Christmas blogging thing! This whole car accident, concussion, neck and back sprain threw me for a bit of a loop and I didn’t get to all of the holiday related blogs I wanted to post this year. Even though Christmas has already come and gone, I still wanted to take a moment to thank you all for stopping by and supporting my little corner of the internet this year. Continue reading

I Mustache You Some Questions Survey TAG + Sweaty Band Giveaway Winner!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
The most exciting thing happened to me the other night when I was reading through my blog feed. I was included in my first ever blog tag by Emily at More Than Just Dessert! How exciting! It totally made my night and I immediately got to work on filling out the questions myself to share with all of you! Not gonna lie, I sort of feel like I was just validated in the blogging world or something. Any who… I’m sure you’ve had about enough of me babbling, so let’s get on to the questions!


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