Would You Rather… Running Survey

Hey there everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a good week of running so far! Good luck to everyone on their long runs this weekend. I’ve got 5 miles on the agenda for tomorrow which I’m a little nervous about for some reason. It’s my first time covering that distance without stopping in who knows how long… I’m guessing around a year so yeah… should be interesting.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d check in today with a fun survey that my coach Laura posted a little while back. Feel free to answer some of the would you rathers in the comment section below or post on your own blog. I’d love to hear your answers!

Would you rather…

Run a race in 30 degree (F) and windy or 80 degrees and super sunny?

I’d probably go with 80 degrees and super sunny because I’m a total baby about the cold! (Update: Rethinking this answer after my 80 degree 5 mile run this weekend. No thank you.)



Run a beer mile or a color run?

Color Run all the way! I’m obsessed with color runs and have done quite a few of them! I’m also not a huge beer drinker so I’m going with color run all the way here!


Forget to put on deodorant or Body Glide before a long run?

Depends on the weather here. If it’s warmer and I’m wearing shorts, I’d rather skip deodorant I suppose. If it’s colder and I’m wearing crop pants or long pants, I wouldn’t need Body Glide anyways. Also, I’ve heard that deodorant can take the place of Body Glide in a pinch…

Eat bacon or brownies as mid-race fuel?

Both of these sound horrible to me! I guess I’d go with bacon.

Wear running shoes that are too big or too small?

I guess too big. Too small causes pain and blisters but too big might cause tripping…


Run a crowded big city marathon with 30,000+ runners or run a small rural marathon with less than 200 finishers?

I like both for different reasons but I have been leaning more towards the smaller races recently.


Eat Indian curry or sashimi the night before a big race?

I normally wouldn’t eat either in general but maybe sashimi? Not exactly sure what that is though…

Travel for a good PR race or choose a local but challenging race?

I will normally just go with local but challenging races because there are so many in the area that I want to check out but I have traveled for good races also.


Eat sweet or savory immediately after finishing a race or hard long run?

Usually I start with savory and then move to sweet because runger is real!


Questions of the Day:

Answer any of the questions above!


10 thoughts on “Would You Rather… Running Survey

    • Yeah, I’m not sure which sounds worse, brownies or bacon. The idea of both mid race makes my stomach churn a little!


    • I’ve found that even Body Glide isn’t working for me lately so I’ve had to switch to 2Toms and it’s been working pretty well the first two times I’ve used it. It can just get kind of messy if you’re not careful!

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  1. So fun to read your answers! I agree with you that there are so many good local races where we live – too many to choose from it seems but that’s not a bad problem to have.


    • Definitely not a bad problem to have! I’m definitely trying to be more selective now and doing either longer distances or really cool shorter distance ones because I’ve already done a TON of 5k’s around here and want to explore what else there is out there to offer!


  2. I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold. :[ I want to try a color run at some point! It looks like a lot of fun!

    I’d be all over the sashimi! :D! (Basically sushi but without the rice! :] )


    • I’m a total wimp when it comes to the cold also but I ran 5 miles in almost 80 degree weather last weekend and it was HARD! You should totally try a color run! They are a blast!

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  3. I’d rather run in a smaller race. I love being able to move around and have my own space. The big races are fun every once in a while but get old after you realize you work twice as hard the first several miles just trying to get around people who are in the wrong pace corral.


    • I definitely agree. I used to like more of the larger races and though those can be fun from time to time, it does waste a lot of energy (and sometimes my patience) weaving around people during those first few miles!


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