Beats Half Marathon Training – Week 2 + Discount Code

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have been having a great weekend so far and have fun plans for your bonus day off tomorrow! I have to say, I’m definitely excited to have an extra day off this week. It’s been forever since I’ve taken a day off so this is a much needed break for me. In my opinion, all weekends should be 3 days anyways. That way you get one day to bum around, one day for fun stuff and one day for chores. Am I right or am I right?!?

As you all probably know by now, I am training for The Beats Half Marathon in August, with the help of Laura, and YOU… yes YOU… can join me by using the code “coupledashes16” for 10% off when you register. I’d love to see you all there!

Here’s a snapshot of what my workouts looked like for this week:

M: 3 easy miles; L1: 9:58/L2: 9:55/L3: 9:56 + post run core/strength workout


Tu: XT/Strength workout

  • 5 minutes warm up
  • 8 x 20 seconds sprint followed by 10 seconds recover (4 minutes total)
  • 3 minutes hills
  • 10 x 20 seconds sprint followed by 10 seconds recover (5 minutes total)
  • 4 minutes hills
  • 12 x 20 seconds sprint followed by 10 seconds recover (6 minutes total)
  • 5 minutes cool down

Followed by strength training including: squats using smith machine, seated leg press, assisted pullups, assisted dips, seated rows, lat pull down, glute bridge using resistance band, clam shells using resistance band, pilates 100, 30 second plank, 30 second side plank on each side. Do each exercise 3×15.

W: Rest

Th: My first fartlek run of the training cycle!

5 mins easy followed by 8 x 1 minute at hard effort followed by 2 minutes at an easy effort. I followed this workout with lots of calf and hamstring stretches and foam rolling (and Gilmore Girls :).


F: XT/Strength workout from Tuesday.

Sa: 4 mile long run; L1: 10:02/L2: 10:00/L3: 9:48/L4: 9:31.

I normally run after work but I did this run early in the morning before meeting up with a friend for brunch so it was definitely a bit of a struggle to force myself out of my warm car and into the gloomy cold and some what drizzly elements for this run. Once I got into it though, it was amazing! I love that my favorite running spot is more peaceful in the morning. It definitely got my day off to a great start!

Post run recovery included the usual suspects for torture devices and a chocolate banana recovery smoothie.


Su: Rest

Weekly Mileage: 10.64

Training this week has been going pretty well if I do say so myself. I had my first fartlek run of the training cycle this week and I was a little stressed out about it before hand. Once I figured out how to set the run/walk intervals on my watch and got in to the workout, it was tough, but flew by and was done before I knew it.

I’ve been taking it a little easy with the weights and strength training this week because of how tight my calves and hamstrings were last week. I plan on kicking that back up a notch next week though. I’ve also been really diligent about stretching, foam rolling and wearing compression socks/sleeves this week and it seems to be making a big difference!

I’ve also really been focusing on finding the right pre run nutrition this week so I can make sure my fueling is on point before race day. I think this has helped my runs go much better this week than they did during week one of training (which is odd because my runs were going well in the weeks leading up to the beginning of this training cycle, but I digress). I felt really strong during my fartlek run and long run this week, despite both still being challenging.

Pre Run Nutrition Snapshot:

M: ??

Th: Pre run: Banana with almond butter around 1 hour before the run/ Post run:

Sa: Pre run: 1 gluten free waffle with peanut butter and a half a banana/Post run: Watermelon Nuun and a smoothie with Vega All in One Nutritional blend, banana and soy milk.

I’ve also been having some issues with shorts/body glide/chafing so I picked up a couple of things this week to try out. I will report back once I’ve had a chance to give them a try for a bit!

Check out more about my journey to the Beats Half Marathon start line here:

Questions of the Week:

What did your workouts look like this week?

How did your long run go?

What does your pre run nutrition look like?


4 thoughts on “Beats Half Marathon Training – Week 2 + Discount Code

  1. I know I said this before but AWESOME week of training for you! Watermelon Nuun is one of my favorite flavors as well – it’s so good especially in summer.


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