A few thoughts on body kindness and running…

I realized something today after running my first 10k in FOREVER. Running allows  me to be kinder to myself and more accepting of the things I would like to change.

I was having a couple of particularly down and out couple of days prior to the Beats 10k (race recap coming soon!). Despite all of my hard efforts since being cleared to work out again, I still haven’t been able to shed the weight I managed to put on during my rehab.

It was a particularly warm day in Seattle last Friday, so I was looking for a cute tank to wear to work. I found myself nearly in tears surrounded by a pile of shirts that no longer fit me; some of which were from a time when I would have considered myself unhealthy (not exercising at all), so this was a tough one to deal with.

I realized this morning when I was getting dressed to head out for a fun day with my family that the things that were bothering me before the 10k were still there but seemed to somehow bother me less than they had just 24 hours before. So what changed?

I stopped beating myself up for the things about my body that I currently wasn’t happy with and started being grateful for the things that my body allowed me to accomplish; like finishing the 10k.

Everyone always talks about how the miles change you and how running is cheaper than therapy and I’ve always believed it to be true, but never quite as much as I do now. After crossing that finish line last night I was struck with a feeling of pure happiness. Who knew agreeing to run a very last minute impromptu race would change my outlook on everything and be exactly what I needed at that very moment.

So thank you for listening to my babbling on. This just felt like something I needed to share for those who may be in the same place. Now let me leave you with one last thought before I go… say yes to things that you might otherwise say no to because you never know what the universe might have planned for you and be kind to yourself because you are capable of so much, if only you set your mind to it.


7 thoughts on “A few thoughts on body kindness and running…

  1. I love this post, because all of runners have been there and it is so true. Running has the amazing power to shift our focus from what our bodies look like to what they can achieve.


    • I couldn’t agree with you more! I think it’s a much more healthy way to look at things too and such a confidence booster. 🙂


  2. Yay! I’m glad to hear (well, read) that! :] Totally agreed with you in that it’s awesome therapy and so good for you–I feel that way about lifting weights! 😛


    • Thanks so much lady! I am so happy you have found your exercise soulmate too! It makes a huge difference! I don’t hate lifting, but it’s definitely not my love. hahaha!

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