The Truth About Starting Over…

*Insert Microphone Tap Here*


Not sure if anyone still checks in on my little corner of the blogosphere anymore but I wanted to check in. I know I’ve been horrible about posting recently since life has taken over, but I’ve really been focusing on work and spending as much time with friends and family as possible. I’ve also been struggling about what to post about since my activity level has taken a serious decrease after this.

Since this is a mostly healthy living blog, I was really struggling with what to talk about after my normal workout routine of runs, spin classes and weights was replaced with the minimal activity I was getting in physical therapy a few times a week. It’s been a slow road to recovery (my accident was around 16 months ago and I’m still not back to normal) but I feel like I’m finally on the right path. With the help of my AMAZING doctors who have listened to me whine during countless appointments over the past months about how running the Rock and Roll Seattle Half Marathon this year on my birthday was a non-negotiable, they’ve definitely pulled out all of the stops to help me get to the start line in June. Though I had to downgrade my registration to the 8k, instead of the half, since I’ve only been cleared to start running a few miles here and there again in the last couple of months, I’m still really happy that I’m going to be toeing the start line on June 18th, as originally planned.

That being said, getting to this point was not easy and is still a constant struggle filled with ups, downs and countless doctors appointments each week. I’m still finding it hard to get back to a consistent workout routine that includes all of my recommended exercises to help me build my hip strength back up again while also including the things I love, like running and spin. I never really had a problem sticking to a workout routine of 4-5 days a week before this and to say getting back to that normalcy again is a struggle is putting it kindly. I normally have a few weeks where I’m killing it, followed by a week of completely falling off the bandwagon and having to pick up the pieces the next week.

The ups and downs of finding my new normal has been hard. I’ve found it a constant challenge to walk the line between being kind to myself knowing that it takes time to get back into a routine while also holding myself accountable to a schedule and my goals. During my little hiatus from my consistent exercise schedule (sometimes nearly nonexistent due to my physical limitations at the time), I’ve managed to add on around 15-20 extra pounds and in turn have a closet full of clothes where only some of them fit which can make it hard to be kind to myself when I know I have a lot of ground to make up for.

So today in the spirit of starting over, I’m prepping to toe the start line of the United Relay of America 5k in Seattle this evening. I’m not really at a point in my training where I’m ready to do a whole 3.1 miles nonstop at times that I am used to being able to run at before but it’s for a good cause (I’m running for Seattle Children’s Hospital, if you’re interested, you can sponsor me here.) with good people so why not give it a shot?


Yesterday was the first time I’ve ran two miles in a long time and even though though I took one small break and the times were far off from my previous goals, it was a proud moment. I’m still a little nervous though for my first run off the treadmill and in the running community though, if that makes any sense. I’m going to do my best to be kind to myself and not worry about my pace and take breaks when I need to. I’m planning on posting more about this later this week, after the run, but I really wanted to check in before randomly posting a race recap out of nowhere!


I’ve been thinking a lot about new beginnings (and having a few freak out moments) lately with this race, the Rock and Roll Seattle 8k and starting my third new job in a year (same company, so all good things! 🙂 ) coming up all one right after another and it all kind of hit me last night when I was logging my 2 miles on the treadmill after work. I caught myself listening to this song on loop because it just spoke to me for some reason. “There’s always a darkness before the dawn…” Sounds about right to me…


8 thoughts on “The Truth About Starting Over…

  1. Good luck tonight! Happy to see a post from you! I wish continued success with your recovery! Hope to meet you at a future race!


  2. So glad to see posts from you again! I’m glad you have an awesome team of doctors behind you, and I hope you have a speedy full recovery! ❤ I'm glad you got to run that 5K! :]


    • Thanks so much lady! I’m trying to get back on a blogging schedule that works with everything else I have to do also. I definitely miss it! 😃

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