My Aha Moment and Weekly Workout Recap Confessional

After spending the day cheering for Jenica during the Rock n Roll Seattle Half Marathon back in June, I decided to finally commit to completing another half marathon. This race has always been on my bucket list, but being there for the festivities while not being able to participate due to an injury, really lit a fire under me to make this dream a reality in 2016. Since the entry fee for 2016 was only $50 during the week following the race, I decided to take the plunge and register.

I know it seems like June 2016 is a LONG ways away and it is but since my doctor says I won’t be able to run again until next spring, I’ve got a TON of work to do to make sure I can make it to the start line ready to rock it. That being said, I decided to take my workouts up a notch this week. I’ve been sticking to a workout routine of mostly walking and some days of elliptical and yoga for a few weeks now. I followed some bad advice from a previous doctor that it was okay to jump back into running when it really wasn’t, so I have been using the last few weeks as a reset of sorts to let things calm down in my body again.

Now that I’ve been pain free for awhile, I’ve decided to try slowly reincorporating things, like short hikes and indoor cycling, back into my routine and see how that goes. Since I know I have a long way to go to get to the level of health and fitness needed to run RnR Seattle next June, I’ve decided to report back to all of you weekly on my workouts to keep me honest and on track.

So here’s how I got sweaty this week:

Monday: 30 minutes elliptical


Tuesday: 30 minutes indoor cycling


Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: 30 minutes indoor cycling


Friday: rest day

Saturday: 3.0 mile walk at Greenlake


Sunday: 4.2 mile hike at Rattlesnake Ridge


I’ve gotta say… I’m pretty proud of myself! I’m planning on posting these every Sunday going forward so I can stay on track to reach my goal of running RnR Seattle 2016!

I think I’ll be cutting out indoor cycling again (insert crying emoji here) because it seemed to cause my hip pain to flare up again, but I feel a little more back to myself after lacing up and sweating it out this week! Incorporating friends into my workouts also made things much more enjoyable, so I’ll definitely be trying to do more of that going forward!

Questions of the Day:

What was your favorite workout this week?

What is your next goal race?


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