Rock n Roll 2016, Food Trucks and Yoga for Runners

There was a lot that was inspiring about experiencing all the excitement surrounding the Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon/Half Marathon last weekend. It’s inspiring to see people working hard to reach their goals, it’s inspiring to see people refusing to give up and it’s inspiring to see people making fitness less of a chore and more about having fun. That being said, it’s hard to be all around that inspiration without getting wrapped up in it yourself.

In the week following the Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon/Half Marathon, registration for the following years’ race is at least 50% off! That means registration for next years’ half is $50 and the full is only $55. Talk about a sweet deal. I’m assuming it is that way for all of the Rock n Roll races, but I’m not completely sure so I don’t want to give you false information!

But I digress…

After getting wrapped up in all of the inspiration and excitement surrounding the race this year, and being motivated by the drastic discount, I decided to register for next years’ race. It’s also on my birthday, so I took it as a sign! This race is on my race bucket list and I am determined that 2016 is my year!


Since it’s so far away, it gives me plenty of time to get my injuries under control and to properly train also so I’m pretty excited about my choice!

On top of all of those already awesome reasons to sign up, I even convinced my bestie, Jenica, to sign up again, less than a week after completing the run for the first time! Having great friends is already awesome, but having great friends who love to wake up at the crack of dawn with you for a run is even better! Here’s to an awesome race in 2016 full of new bling and shiny new PR’s! ❤ Wish us luck!


After reading all of the awesome recaps from bloggers who took a Runcation to Seattle this weekend for Rock n Roll Seattle, I remembered how awesome it really is here. It’s really easy to forget about how many exciting things there are to experience here when you’re in the heart of it every day. It becomes normal and you start to take it for granted.

So instead of ordering my usual salad from the work cafeteria for lunch, I decided to venture out to check out the food trucks and stop overlooking all of the awesomeness that is literally right outside of my work front door.


I settled on my all time favorite food truck, Lumpia World. It’s not at all healthy for you, but their Spam Island Mac and Lumpia is to die for and worth turning a blind eye to calories every once in awhile for!


I’ve still been testing out the Rocktape I received at the expo on Friday and I have to say, I’m beyond impressed with it so far. Once again, I don’t want to jinx it and I don’t think it’s a one stop shop solution to the pain I’ve been having since December, I do think it’s a great puzzle piece to add to my treatment.

Once I got back from a long walk around my neighborhood, I spent some quality time with my collection of insanely colorful workout equipment for some yoga and foam rolling.


If you don’t have the time or the money to go to a yoga studio (or even if you do), I highly recommend checking out Yoga with Adrienne. I did her Yoga for Runners: Hamstrings video and it felt AAAAMMMAAAZING! I would definitely recommend checking it out!


Dinner was compliments of TJ’s. I quickly whipped up an Asian veggie stir fry using their pre chopped veggie mix and paired it with one of their brown rice packets. I also cut up one of their pre cooked (because I WILL NOT cook raw meat) chicken patties and added it to the mix. YUM! Bonus: It made enough that I had leftovers for lunch today!


Questions of the Day:

What has been inspiring you lately?

What’s your favorite dish to cook?

Do you prefer to practice yoga in a studio or at home?


9 thoughts on “Rock n Roll 2016, Food Trucks and Yoga for Runners

  1. My favorite dish to cook is a homemade butternut squash vegan lasagna. Most of my favorite dishes are more fall/winter comfort food, so my cooking creativity takes a bit of a hiatus in the summer. I would much rather practice yoga in a studio because I’m far too unmotivated to do it on my own. I really need to start incorporating more stretching into my daily routine.


  2. I did the same thing with Rock and Roll DC 🙂 I signed up for next year the day after running the race because I really liked the course and it was only $50! That’s a hard deal to turn down.


    • Exactly! I think I’m going to start doing that for the other RnR’s I want to run in different cities too! It saves so much money!


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