Thank Goodness For GPS on Phones and Other Things I Felt Like Chatting About…

It always makes for an interesting morning when you see your bus drive away right as you’re walking up to catch it on your way to work.

Welcome to Thursday, people, welcome to Thursday! 


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So I decided to take the YOLO approach to my morning commute and hop on the next bus since it seemed to be going to the same general area that I needed to get to. Apparently the closest that bus gets to where I needed to go was about a 15 minute walk through the heart of traffic congested and land of the insane driver Downtown Seattle. Trying to walk in that area during morning rush hour commute is like asking for a death wish when trying to cross the street.

Needless to say, it was a fun commute in to work this morning. Thankfully since I had no idea where I was when the bus hit the end of its route, I was able to que up my GPS and make it to work in one piece. I’m entirely convinced that without GPS, I wouldn’t manage to make it anywhere in life because my sense of direction is an absolute disaster.


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I need these stat. Do you think they sell them on Amazon with free next day shipping?

As I was walking in to work, I started wondering how does a bus actually reach the end of it’s route when essentially they just drive in circles all day long? Clearly I have deep thoughts.


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Reason #14589479 proves you’re running obsessed…

You get excited to go to a race expo just to hang out, talk to cool people and check out the booths, even if YOU’RE NOT RUNNING IN THE RACE.

I actually took time off from work on Friday to go hang out with my peeps from ClassPass at the Rock and Roll Seattle Marathon Expo on Friday. Weird. I know.


How to tell you’re a blogging nerd: reason # 4389498

You’re excited to hang out at the expo since you know some of your favorite bloggers are in town for the run and everyone HAS to pick up their packets in person at the expo.

Stalker much, Tricia?

I know, I know…

On another note, I spent some quality time at Lululemon the other night trying to find the perfect pair of crop pants and came out empty handed. I feel like so many of their pants are super thin in the butt area that they seemed a little TOO sheer for me. The associates there recommended the Varsity crops which are of course no longer in stock ANYWHERE.


Does anyone have any recommendations for an awesome pair of Lulu crops that DON’T have a see through rear end that will work for running and classes?


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Okay, I think I’ve done enough Thinking Out Loud for today. Thanks Amanda for hosting!

Questions of the Day:

What things do you want to think out loud about?

Am I the only weird one that enjoys race expos?


7 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For GPS on Phones and Other Things I Felt Like Chatting About…

  1. If you’re looking for crops, I have a great pair from Under Armour and they’re definitely not shear. They’re the Fly-By Compression capris and hit right below the knee.


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