How to Get the Most Out of Your Fitness Tracker

Hello there my lovelies!

Today I want to talk to you about how to get the most out of your fitness tracker. It seems like everyone is sporting some sort of wearable fitness tracking device these days. Whether it’s a Jawbone or a Fitbit, these technologically enhanced pedometers are everywhere it seems.


Though wearables provide valuable information regarding the number of steps in a day and hours of sleep, it can’t combine it’s data with that complied through tracking apps like Apple Health, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, Strava and more to provide insight on the why and how each impacts one another. Now sure, it’s possible to spend hours and hours trying to find out your sleep affects your running, for example, but why waste your time when someone else can crunch the numbers for you?!?! This is where Addapp comes in…

“The real problem is that the data generated from wearables and tracking apps only tell half the story. You can see how far you move and how well you slept, but the next step in the evolution of wearables and personal data is to help you understand why.” – Kouris Kalligas, Addapp CEO and Founder


According to the Addapp website, Addapp is an iOS app that gives you personalized actionable health and well-being insights. The app analyzes data from all the health tracking apps and devices people use day-to-day to provide actionable insights. Addapp features a new design and significantly improved personal insights, making it the best way for people to use their own data to improve their life.

Addapp is easily connected to all of your favorite fitness devices and apps including, the ones shown below and more. I currently have Apple Health, Jawbone, MapMyRun and Moodpanda connected to my Addapp. This means that the Addapp magical insight creators have access to the data gathered by these four devices and apps to gather information to create customized insights for me on how my sleep, steps, runs, mood and stairs climbed all affect each other!


A few times a week Addapp delivers personalized insights straight to your phone inside Addapp into this no fuss, easy to navigate interface.


Once you click on the insight in the main screen to open it up, the app provides a more detailed explanation of your insight. For this insight, Addapp noticed that I had increased my activity distance from the previous week and not only congratulated me, but encouraged me to increase my strength training and stretching to improve my overall performance. My insight even included a link to some stretches that I should try out!


Addapp also notices if you’ve had an especially active day, congratulates you on it and encourages you to share your accomplishment with your friends via text, email or social media! IMG_5938

And just to show in the Jawbone app that I was in fact highly active on June 3rd, here’s a screenshot of my Jawbone data from the same day.


Since my Jawbone collects information on sleep and steps, Addapp is able to us that information to provide me with insight on how my step count and activity level impacts the amount of deep sleep I get each night. Turns out I sleep WAY better if I’ve been active during the day. Now if I ever find myself having trouble sleeping, I can try increasing my activity level to promote sleep. Nice!


Want to give Addapp a try for yourself? Addapp is currently only available for iOS, so if you have an iPhone, head over to the app store and download the free app to see what insights it has in store for you!

Questions of the Day:

Will you be checking out Addapp?

Do you have a wearable fitness tracker?

What insights would you be most interested in receiving?


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of AddApp.

8 thoughts on “How to Get the Most Out of Your Fitness Tracker

  1. This is awesome! I’ve been avoiding getting a wearable because I haven’t seen that the data is actionable (other than step count.) But this really seems to provide strong next steps (pardon the pun. 🙂 ) I’ll have some folks check it out and maybe invest in one myself!


  2. I’ve never used a fitness tracker, but have been thinking of investing in one to track sleep and my steps. I exercise daily but feel VERY sedentary during the work day. I was hoping it would be a little extra motivation to get me to move.


    • I am also very sedentary so it was a great kick in the pants for me. Mine has a silent alarm on it that buzzes when I’ve been inactive for too long as a reminder to MOVE!

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  3. i have never heard of this app, but it sounds very cool. I wear and use the Fitbit, and the daily and weekly competitions are one of my favorite motivators, I can’t let a day go by without trying to outdo all my friends, or at least come as close as possible.
    One thing about the Fitbit is, it does compile a lot of your stats and numbers and it does push you and congratulate you on your acheivements, I get a few notices a day like txt messages to my phone telling me where I am or who is ahead of me in competition, I love that thing!
    I think all trackers are great when like you said you used them to get the most out of them!


    • That’s awesome! I didn’t know that the Fitbit sent text messages based on where you are in relation to your team mate. That’s a great feature! The Jawbone sends me updates on my steps throughout the day and there is a social feature where you can “cheer” for your team mates but it doesn’t compare you to the members of your team. I kind of want a Fitbit now so I can utilize both! 🙂


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