Link Love 05.17.15 + Nothing Worth Having…

Hey there!

I know I’m coming to you with this post a little (okay a lot) later than usual, but I couldn’t find a quote or words of wisdom that I wanted to share this week yet, so I put it off until I was able to think of something that struck me.


Source here.

I wasn’t feeling well for a couple of weeks, so this weekend has marked my first few times back to my regularly scheduled sweat sessions in around two weeks. I have to say there’s nothing like a Cycle Burn (spinning combined with strength training) class to make you painfully aware that your level of fitness has slipped a little.

I was discouraged at first (and still am slightly) because I hate regression. It sucks to have to work twice as hard to make it back to the same place you already were. It can be depressing and discouraging if you let it, but I’m choosing to think of it as a challenge that nothing worth having comes easy and I hope you’ll look at the challenges in your life in the same light!

Now for this weeks’ link love…

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Questions of the Day:

What is inspiring you right now?

What are you struggling with?

What are your tips for overcoming difficulties or set backs?


5 thoughts on “Link Love 05.17.15 + Nothing Worth Having…

  1. I hope you’re feeling better! :[ I feel ya on slipping on the fitness–it makes me feel so sad, but on the plus side, at least we can get it back! 😀 I’m struggling with a wholeeee lot of tests on the horizon right now, so I may have to backburner it for a little while longer, but hopefully soon! *-*

    Thanks for sharing my post! ❤ On my way to check out the others! :]


  2. We all have setbacks and as much as they suck I still believe things happen for a reason.

    Thank you for the link love Tricia! Creating weekly workouts is inspiring me right now and the bonus is doing it is helping me study.

    Sending you positive vibes and a happy Monday Tricia!

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