How To Be An Adventure Run Pro!

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Last week marked the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year… Adventure Run season! Every year, Road Runner Sports stores across the country put on a FREE monthly scavenger hunt run (or walk) that begins with a fun kick off party with booths from different vendors where you can try the latest shoes, fuel and different gear for running, which is a low-commitment way to try out new items before adding them to your gear collection.


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If you register online ahead of time, you’ll receive a GPS guided map of the checkpoints to your inbox a few minutes before the race starts. If you don’t register ahead of time or don’t have a smartphone, they have a huge version of the map that they hang from the side of a building with all the checkpoints marked so you can take a picture of it before you run.


Besides having fun with your friends while getting your sweat on, you get to collect raffle tickets from all of the vendor booths you visit before the race starts and at all the checkpoints you visit during the run. At the end of the race, you turn in all of your tickets for a chance to win free shoes and gear, gift certificates to local restaurants and more.

Now that you know all about WHAT the Adventure Run is, I’m going to share my Adventure Run Pro Tips with you!

Pro Tip #1: Bring your friends who love to have fun!

The more, the merrier! Preferably bring someone along who is good at navigating using maps because getting lost can cut back on the amount of checkpoints you make it to!


Pro Tip #2: Get the Adventure Run shirt and double the raffle tickets you get at each stop on the run.

The yellow shirt was last years’ shirt and the orange one is from this year. They’re super comfy, breathable and bright so your visible to traffic in the area. You will also receive extra raffle tickets for anything purchased during the event (even the Adventure Run shirt) and those tickets will be entered into a separate drawing for a prize basket that usually includes things like your choice of a new pair of shoes, gift certificates, gels and more.


Pro Tip #3: Make sure to get a Pro Card punch card.

Don’t forget to get it punched each time you do a run to get more prizes. The runs happen once a month from May-November (in the Seattle Area) so there are tons of opportunities to wrack up punches on your card and win!


Pro Tip #4: Be prepared to be silly and have fun!

Some of the checkpoints will have you slide on a slip and slide, participate in a mini obstacle course, do a yoga pose or participate in something fun to get your raffle tickets so have fun with it!


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Pro Tip #5: Bring along packing tape and arrive a little early to the post race party to organize your tickets.

Taping all of your tickets together by color (and with the numbers facing the same way) will make it so much easier to check your tickets instead of having to sort through a pile of tickets each time a number is called. This will also prevent your tickets from flying around if it’s windy!

Pro Tip #6: Take lots of funny photos (while apparently not being able to look at the camera)!

IMG_5409 IMG_5408

Pro Tip #7: Have fun!

It’s all about having fun, so someone asks you to participate in an impromptu dance party for prizes, DO IT!


Pro Tip #8: Check out the after party for yummy food, drinks and more chances to win! 

IMG_5417 IMG_5416

**Disclaimer: This post is in no way sponsored by Road Runner Sports or the Adventure Run. I just really enjoy this event each month and wanted to share my experience and some of my tips with all of you!

Questions of the Day:

Have you ever participated in an Adventure Run or a scavenger hunt run?

Do you like themed runs?

Are you a member of a running group?


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23 thoughts on “How To Be An Adventure Run Pro!

  1. Love this! I just race my first run like this tonight (in Anchorage we call it the Urban Challenge) and it was a blast! I’ll have a post about it tomorrow 🙂


  2. WHAT A BLAST! It sounds like the perfect way to have fun on the weekend. AHhh! I wanna go!!! lol This definitely inspired me for some family ‘games’ and runs. I might be adding a scavenger hunt twist to keep things extra fun! Thanks Tricia. LOVED this post. : ) #fitfamlove


    • I’m so glad you liked it and glad it inspired you to add some fun family things to your calendar! Can’t wait to read all about them! #fitfamlove


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