Get Your Spin On: Flywheel Class Review    

Hey there!

I’ve recently had the chance to try out a few different Flywheel classes through ClassPass and wanted to share my experience so you know what to expect incase you are thinking about checking it out for yourself. I’ve been dying to try out a Flywheel class ever since I became obsessed with spin classes about a year and a half ago, so finally trying one out was definitely on my list of must do items when I finally moved to Seattle.

When I arrived for my first Flywheel class, I was impressed by how welcoming and helpful the staff was. They checked me in, gave me a tour of the facility and told me to find a staff member once I was ready to go inside the stadium to set up my bike for me. (They call the spin room the “stadium” since the classroom is set up stadium seating style with all the rows at a gradual incline so all the bikes have an unobstructed view of the instructor at the front.


Once I was done with my tour, I headed over to the changing room area to get ready since I came straight from work and was still in my work clothes. They have individual changing rooms available for use at the studio that are filled with all of the amenities you could possibly need, including spray deodorant, hair spray, q-tips, cotton balls, lotion, a hair dryer and more.


That’s not the end of amenities they provide at Flywheel either. They also provide spin shoes and cushioned bike seats which is nice if you don’t want to make the investment on them yourself or don’t want to carry them around with you on the bus (like I did). They also have a water cooler where you call fill up your water bottle with either room temperature or cold water and also have lockers WITH locks already on them for you to safely store your belongings while in class.


Another cool thing about Flywheel is the Torq Board. There are two screens (the torq board) at the front of the room that the instructor turns on at various times during the class (mostly during long sprints) to show how your doing in comparison to others in the class. I found this to be highly motivating but also kind of stressful because I found myself pushing myself more and more to climb up the ranks on the board. I guess that’s probably the point of it though! 🙂

Another thing that makes Flywheel different from other spin classes is that there is a section of  upper body work that is incorporated into the spin class about halfway through. Each bike has a 2 and 4 pound weight bar attached at the side of each bike to choose from. Even though the segment was short, we never put the weights down so my arms were on fire by the end!


I have never sweat so much in a gym class before and was thankful that I had only signed up for the 45 minute class, instead of an hour long class!


One last thing that I wanted to talk about is the awesome Flywheel app where you can reserve your bike for class and review all of your data from class. I’m a stats nerd, so I really love that I can check out my total distance, calories burned, power points, etc.


It also shows where you rank in comparison to everyone else who goes to the same studio as you.


Lastly, I love how the dashboard totals up how many power points you’ve earned in a month incase you’re trying to get into the Power Up group for getting 2,000 or 3,500 power points in a month. If you hit 2,000 power points in a month, you get a prize and if you hit 3,500 points in a month, you get a prize and early booking privileges for the following month. Having early booking privileges would be extremely helpful since classes fill up very quickly and getting into the early evening classes has been nearly impossible for me.


Some of the cons are a weird class registration schedule, expensive class fee (around $25 a class) and how difficult it can be to get a bike in the prime time classes. Other than that, I give it a thumbs up and will definitely be going back!

Questions of the Day:

Have you tried Flywheel before?

What’s your favorite group exercise class?

What’s one fun thing you did today?


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12 thoughts on “Get Your Spin On: Flywheel Class Review    

  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweet class. I got to take Soul Cycle in San Fran, and it blew my mind, and ai yai yai, what a workout!!! I love how you can track all your stats. That’s awesome, and i know would motivate the crap out of me. Thanks for sharing, i never knew so much could be tracked from a class. GOOD TO KNOW. For realz. Take care, Tricia!


    • Yeah I like being able to track everything. You’re so lucky that you got to try Soul Cycle! I’m dying to try that! Have a great weekend!


  2. Interesting! I’ve never heard of flywheel before! I love spin class so this sounds kind of awesome. I don’t know how I feel about the upper body weights on the bike though, if I’m cycling I’m here to cycle! 😉


    • Yeah it’s definitely a change in pace. I don’t know that I will do it a lot, but every once in awhile is fun. I kind of find the torq board to be a bit stressful!! 😃


  3. Tricia, I would love to take a flywheel class. When I had a gym membership spinning was my favorite group class. No matter how fit I was spinning always kicked my butt and then I felt like a rock star afterwards.

    Now it’s yoga. Different workout. Same rock star feeling.

    #fitfamlove XOXO


    • I LOVE spin classes and miss them because my new gym doesn’t have them as much as my old gym did. I’ve been getting into corepower yoga though and that has been fun. I’m still working on mastering crow pose! Happy Friday! #fitfamlove


  4. Flywheel was great, I had a great ~8 month obsession in which I attended everyday. You’ll want to start incorporating your own weights at home separately sooner or later because their set becomes relatively repetitive. But great work – lovin the power score, especially for an early Flywheeler. Hope you enjoy – you’ll burn cals like a champ! Never Coast 🙂


  5. Very cool! I think it would be fun to be able to see where you are at in comparison to others in the room. My competitive side would go into overdrive and I would so want to be at the top, LOL
    So fun, I am not aware of anything like this around me, but I am sure if I dig around there has to be something. Might be fun to try sometime!


    • That’s definitely what happens. I like it but it does become a bit stressful for me and I enjoy going back to normal non competitive spin classes where I can just zone out too. It’s definitely fun every once in awhile to switch it up though!


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