Weekend In Review – Flywheel, Blue Apron and Death by Bike Ride!

Hello there!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that it was at least somewhat sunny where you are! I actually had a pretty jam packed weekend full of time with friends and family, so I’m a happy girl. The only thing that could have made it better would have been more time! Isn’t that always the case though? Anywhoo…

I’ve been exploring some new to me fitness studios in the area lately and had the chance to check out Flywheel for the first time this weekend. I’m planning on writing about my experience in a separate post, but I can say that I’m absolutely addicted and trying to figure out how I can fit in enough classes this month to make it into the 2,000 power point group! I already have 261, so I only have 1,739 left to go!


I also had a chance to check out Blue Apron this weekend. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blue Apron, it’s a meal delivery service where the ingredients and recipes for the selected number of recipes are delivered straight to your door step for your tasting pleasure.


I thought this would be a good way to try some new recipes and venture out of my culinary comfort zone. The first meal I tried was the spiced turkey meatball pitas and I still have two more meals to go. So far, I like the convenience of having meals delivered to my door, the healthy fresh ingredients they use and the variety it adds to my meals but I’m not sure it’s something I would do on a regular basis.


I spent most of Saturday shopping with my mom and aunt for some decorations to make my apartment feel a little more homey. I’ve been in my new apartment for almost a month now and have yet to hang a single thing on the walls. I am happy to report I picked up three new wall decorations. Now all I have to do is hang them up! 🙂 While I was shopping, I came across this sign and thought it was too cute not to share!


On Sunday morning I met up with Matt and Jenica to attempt to learn how to ride my bike before the 25 mile Tulip Pedal next weekend. Eeekkk. I found out that when I took my bike in to get a tune up done on it a couple of months ago, they forgot to tighten up the handlebars so they came loose a few blocks away from my apartment, which put an end to our ride since I didn’t have the tools on hand to fix it. It was a mildly terrifying experience but hopefully I will get the hang of riding it, once the handlebars are fixed.


The three of us met up again later on in the day to make some funfetti popcorn balls and a delicious homemade pizza for dinner. YUM!


Questions of the Day:

What is your favorite treat recipe? Please share!

What’s your favorite group fitness class?

What fun things did you do this weekend?


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13 thoughts on “Weekend In Review – Flywheel, Blue Apron and Death by Bike Ride!

  1. Ugh – SO jealous! I was literally ADDICTED to Flywheel when I lived in the Gold Coast in Chicago. It’s a fantastic workout, and the rockin’ tunes just force you to move your booty (although I sang along to almost every song, so that was no help to my workout, ha!)

    Great news that you liked Blue Apron. I’ve thought about it, but never made the jump. Did you think it was affordable or uber pricey for what you got?


    • Hahaha I love that! I’ve been doing the same thing too. It’s expensive but I like looking at more adult stuff around my apartment!


  2. Glad you tested the bike out before the race, that would not have been fun to have handlebar problems during the race:)
    Love the Flywheel thing, that sounds awesome!
    Those popcorn balls look great, okay now I am craving one, LOL


  3. YAY! You’re back in the Weekend Update, Tricia! I’ve missed you! Um, I can’t get over the fact that your handlebars came loose; pretty sure I would be traumatized forEVER by that one. Good grief! I hope you get it taken care of soon; I’m excited about your upcoming bike adventure! I’ve been hearing lots of folks talk about Flywheel lately; I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today; hope you’re doing great!


  4. I’m always wishing I had more time, so I can definitely relate with that one! That’s awesome that you got to spend time with friends/family + try out new recipes! I’ve heard good things about Blue Apron! :]

    I think Cake Batter Popcorn (http://www.fairyburger.com/cake-batter-popcorn/) still reigns as one of my favorite treats. There’s just something about sprinkles that make everything better!


  5. I love FlyWheel!!! 261 is an awesome power score for your first ride, I’m impressed!! I had Blue Apron for a week and it completely stressed me out. I hated not having leftovers and the meals took me forever to make, I ended up skipping one!


  6. Wow, the handlebar thing has me traumatized! So glad you discovered it before your race though – yikes! I have never heard of Flywheel, but I’m about to google it to see if I can find one close to me! Loved the sock sign – super cute!


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