Link Love 03.15.15 + Don’t Look Back

Hey there sleepy heads!

I know I’m coming to you with this about 15 hours later than I usually publish my posts each day, but I got really distracted gathering some fun posts to share with you all that I lost track of time. Even though it’s late, I still wanted to check in with all of you and share my current personal mantra and some articles I enjoyed this week.

Inevitably in life we go through many strings of highs and lows that take us to exactly where we need to be at any given time in our lives. I have no doubt that all things happen for a reason and that nothing happens to us that we can’t handle and learn from, but that doesn’t make the lows any easier to deal with when you’re going through them.

That being said, I think it’s important to note that you should continue to focus on the path ahead, instead of the road behind you so you don’t get stuck in the past and hold yourself back from having new experiences. This holds true for relationships, jobs, running and life in general.

Looking ahead = progress.

Looking backward = you on the side of the race course with the medics because you twisted your ankle in the pot hole you didn’t see coming. Catch my drift?

This weekend marks the start of a new chapter for me: a new apartment, a new city and a new job. Now that’s a lot of new for a few days if you ask me, but I digress. There’s been a lot that has led me to where I am now and it’s important keep my focus on what’s in front of me that I can control, instead of what’s behind me and I can’t change. That being said, I wanted to share with you all my mantra:

“Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.”

So it’s now time to focus on what’s to come, instead of what has been and I encourage you to do the same.


Source here.

Here’s some things you may have missed on A Couple Of Dashes this week:

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Thing you might have missed in the blogosphere that I enjoyed this week:

Early Morning Running: Early to Bed, Early to Rise via Mile Posts – Since I live so much closer to work now and since the gym is right below me now, I’m thinking about giving this a try.

Benefits of Eating in Season via Jill Conyers – Spring/Summer is my favorite season for fresh produce!

DIY Rose + Coconut Body Scrub via Allison Anderson – Love this DIY recipe from this Seattle based beauty blogger!

Bless Your Heart via Mile Markers and Runners’ World – Just read this one. It’s important stuff!

Questions of the Day:

What goals are you focusing on up ahead?

What’s one thing you’re deciding here and now to leave in the past?


One thought on “Link Love 03.15.15 + Don’t Look Back

  1. You with the pothole or someone else? I was watching the broadcast of the NYC half and they mentioned potholes on the course. I thought my klutzy self would absolutely find one of those.


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