Hot Chocolate 5k Race Recap

Hey there!

Even though I spent most of the weekend apartment shopping, I managed to take some time off to check the Hot Chocolate 5k off my race bucket list! Even though I’m still not completely back into the running game after my accident, I couldn’t let another year go by without participating in this race. I’ve been dying to do this race for a few years now, so I was excited to finally fit it in! My mom and I decided to make a day out of it and walk the 5k together!

The fun festivities started out on Saturday afternoon where we attended the race expo to pick up our packets. Right as we walked in the door, we were greeted by volunteers handing out chocolate bars and this fun marshmallow blow up!


There was a ton of booths set up to check out, including a Sweaty Bands booth, where I added a couple new bands to my collection! (I wore one of them to the race on Sunday!)


The Madre and I after we picked up our packets!


They were even handing out chocolate covered marshmallows and hot chocolate at the expo to enjoy! Turns out chocolate covered marshmallows are one of my new favorite treats! After we stocked up on chocolate covered treats, we headed out to start apartment hunting!


The race started bright and early at 6:45am and was a chilly 37 degrees! BRRRR!!! Seattle Center was absolutely packed with runners and so were the streets surrounding the area. We ended up having to park somewhat far away and walk to the start line to avoid being any later by getting stuck in traffic trying to get closer to the start line.


A little pre race mom & daughter selfie action!


Even though it was really cold and early in the morning, you can’t beat a view like this at the start line of a race.


Marshmallow start line arch!


Now for a little bit about the course. It basically took us on a tour of all of the Seattle scenic locations including the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, The Great Wheel and the waterfront. Can’t complain about that! Since the race was in Downtown Seattle, it pretty much goes without saying that the course was a hilly one!


Waterfront selfie…


And The Great Wheel!


We even show our Seattle Pride on billboards! Just ignore the cranes in the way. There’s a ton of construction going on right now so there are cranes EVERYWHERE!


The finish line! The race went by very quickly and was a lot of fun! The only thing that was a little disappointing was the lack of sweets they passed out on the 5k course. We only made it to 1 out of the 4 sweet stations on the course map.


Hot Chocolate 5k… CHECK! It’s amazing how much you can accomplish before 9am when you set your mind to it! I would definitely like to run the 15k next year so I can add one of the chocolate race medals to my bling collection!


Now it was time for the part that the Hot Chocolate races are most known for… the finishers mug!


It was full of melted chocolate and rice krispy treats, marshmallows, wafers, pretzels and a banana to dip in it along with a cup of much needed hot chocolate! YUM! I was on a sugar high by 9:30am!


One last photo with the Space Needle!


Another thing that this race is well known for are the awesome finishers jackets! I wore mine to work with pride the next day and even ran into a couple people at a restaurant who also participated! Small world! Overall, I thought this race was very well organized, full of great views, well staffed and definitely worth the somewhat high race entry fee because of the finishers mug and awesome jacket you receive for participating! The only thing I didn’t like was the early start time of 6:45am for the 5k. I could definitely get behind them pushing the start time back a little on this one since I already have to drive an hour to get to the start line!


Questions of the Day:

Have you ever participated in a Hot Chocolate race?

Would you run at 6:45am when it’s 37 degrees out for chocolate?

What’s the next race on your calendar?

– I have two back to back St. Paddy’s Day runs on the 14th and 15th of this month. One of them holds my current PR and is also the race I took first place in for my age group!



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21 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate 5k Race Recap

  1. I wanted to do hot chocolate so badly. But I was gone the weekend it was here. 🙂 Love your recap!

    But I love morning races/runs, because they make me feel so accomplished by like 10 am. 🙂

    Next race is the Pittsburgh half with Cassie, yikes. I gotta get training more.


    • BOOOO! Definitely check it out next year but make sure to eat something not full of sugar beforehand so you don’t end up with a stomach ache like me! Good luck training! You’re going to rock it! 🙂


  2. That race looks like so much fun. I think I’m going to run or walk it next year with my daughter. She loves hot chocolate. 🙂

    I didn’t realize that every participant gets a finisher’s jacket. How much is that race? It must be pretty expensive.


    • She would love it! Pricing starts at $34 if you register early, so it’s really not that bad at all. You should totally do it!


  3. Tell me, what is your strategy for running in a very hilly terrain? We have a ton of hills here and I am still trying to transition into running, but have found the hills to be brutal. I usually end up injuring my shins and have to stop because of the pain. It has been frustrating. As for the race, that is wonderful that you did it with your mom! I would totally show up that early for chocolate, especially the chocolate covered marshmallows! Mmmmmm.


    • So my main strategy is to keep the same level of effort between flats and hills so that you don’t burn out quickly even if it means slowing your pace. That’s always helped me! Also, watch it on the down hills because it’s tempting to make up for the time you lost, but all the pounding can hurt! I’d recommend a lot of stretching and foam rolling to keep the shin splits under control. That’s always helped me!

      Yeah, it was actually my mom’s idea! The chocolate covered marshmallows were amazing!


  4. Those marshmallows!!! <3!!!

    So glad that you got to cross something off your bucket list! It looks like it was a lot of fun! :]

    That's awesome that they give you such spiffy jackets too! I should um, add that to my [currently somewhat nonexistent except for Tough Mudder/Savage Race and posssssibly a Disney one) list of races! 😛


    • It was an absolute blast! I can’t wait to do it again! I’d definitely recommend adding it to your list! I want to do a Tough Mudder or a Spartan Run toon! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. We have a hot chocolate race in Dallas but I haven’t signed up yet. Maybe next year, but it’s down at Fair Park which is a good drive from where I live.


    • Thanks! It was a lot of fun. I’d definitely recommend it! Oh yeah typical Seattle hills for sure! I LOVE Utah! I want to go back and visit for a race. It’s so beautiful there and I have a ton of family in the area! I’m sensing a runcation soon! 🙂


  6. A Hot Chocolate 5k sounds like my kind of race! I don’t really like to run, but sometimes I do fun 5ks like this one. If it involves chocolate, it can’t be all that bad!

    Thanks for joining us for Hump Day Happenings this week!


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