Red Hot Red Velvet Cupcakes

Hey there!

Today I wanted to share with you a quick, easy and festive recipe that I whipped up for Valentine’s Day this year. As I’m sure you’ve probably started to realize, I’m a huge fan of cupcakes (see examples here, here and here), so it should come as no surprise that I just had to create some sort of fun cupcake to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Though I’m not really celebrating this year, I do like to make fun treats to share, so I whipped up these babies to take to some coworkers and to my physical therapy office.

I started off with a red velvet cake mix, cream cheese frosting and red hots for the topping because ain’t nobody got time for starting from scratch! Well, maybe some people do, but I lack patience, so I stick to what I do best, cake mixes.


Apparently Bella really likes the smell of cinnamon because she was following me around like a crazy dog just waiting for me to drop some candy on the floor so she could snatch it up!


Red Velvet cake batter is delicious. Just sayin’…


I filled the cups up extra full this time so that they were good sized cupcakes!


Then I topped them with cream cheese frosting and red hot candies. I did some with a bunch of candy on top and others…


with only one on top for decoration in case some people weren’t a fan of cinnamon or candy on top of their cupcakes.


I think Red Velvet is the perfect cake mix to use to create something fun for Valentine’s Day and you can top your cupcakes with the festive candy of your choice. Some other options that would be delicious and cute are conversation hearts and mini chocolate hearts. Heart sprinkles would also be adorable!

Questions of the Day:

Are you baking anything special this Valentine’s Day? If so, what?

Valentine’s Day… love it or hate it?


13 thoughts on “Red Hot Red Velvet Cupcakes

  1. The cupcakes look great and I LOVE red velvet. But mainly I just had to say that I feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs. They actually have to bend over to pick up food they drop. Obviously Bella takes care of that for you.


    • hahahahhaha! I know right?!!? Bella is like a little vacuum for food that drops on the floor! It’s like a cuddlier version of those little roaming vacuums!


  2. hahaha, look at that adorable face! <3!!! I love red velvet cake! :] Pretty indifferent about Valentine's Day, butttt February 15 is wonderful because helloooo, candy sales! 😀 (I'm horrible.)


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