What’s A Watermelon Loving Wino To Do?

Hey there!

I went to Target last night after spin class on a mission for three things and only came out with one of them. I needed to pick up some white dishes for a project I’m working on, but figured I would also take a look around for two other gems I’ve been searching for as of late.

I made it out with the dishes and some other random things I didn’t need but had no such luck finding the other two things I went there for.

I made a mistake when I didn’t buy this tank when I saw it the first time and now I look for it every time I go, but can never find it in my size.


I also just found out about this watermelon cupcake mix and matching frosting and NEED it in my life. It’s only sold at Target stores and is now unavailable even through their website. Now if I want it, I’m going to have to cough up $16.41 + shipping to order it from Amazon. I may or may not be considering this…


Source here.

Now how can I not find two of the three things I went there looking for when they sell everything else random that you could ever imagine, like bikinis in February… in Washington…


Superhero onesies for grown men…


A Run DMC knockoff running tank…


and one not so sweat related shirt that may have come home with me because I couldn’t resist the cuteness.


They even had the Sprinkled Donut Crunch cereal that has been all over Instagram and the…


Source here.

“You Are Magical” unicorn mug, that every blogger seems to have, but still no “Will Run For Wine” tank and Watermelon cupcake mix kit. What’s a Watermelon loving wino to do?


Source here.

This post was brought to you by me clearly having way to much time on my hands that I spend thinking about how much I love fun cupcakes and wine.

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite Target find?

Target or Walmart?


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7 thoughts on “What’s A Watermelon Loving Wino To Do?

  1. I had that watermelon cupcake mix last summer…i hate to tell you it was delicious! Good luck finding it. Thanks for the Target ad, Im headed there this afternoon to purchase one thing, but ill definitely be walking out with some of your finds.


    • AHHHHH!!! I was debating if it was worth buying off of Amazon, but now that I know it was delicious, I have no choice! Let me know what you find during your trip!


    • I saw that! The thought of a life without Target makes me so sad! I can stop by my Target and see if they still have them and send it to you if you want. They had two the last time I was there. 🙂


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