Weekend Recap – Super Bowl XLIX Edition!

Hey there!

I’m checking in with you a little later than normal today because I had quite the eventful night last night, as you can probably imagine. I’m absolutely shocked after the big game yesterday. Just baffled. I actually considered not blogging today to mourn my loss, but I’m still so proud of everything that our boys accomplished this season, so I’m trying to focus on that instead.

Even though we weren’t able to pull out a back to back Super Bowl win, it’s always fun to prepare a party with some of your favorite people and spend some quality time together yelling at the TV. I’d also like to give myself a tiny pat on the back because I’ve actually started to learn more about football this season, so I’m not just waiting for other people to start yelling to know something noteworthy just happened. Baby steps right?!?! Anyways… I have a ton of fun pictures and delicious eats from my weekend that I can’t wait to share with you, so let’s get into it!


I kicked off the weekend with some 12th Man wine and season 1 of Toned Up (seriously so funny if you love the TIU girls). I know… I know… I like to party it up on Friday nights! I also went to a surprise birthday party for one of my favorite people on Saturday, but didn’t take any pictures because I was to busy stuffing my face with homemade stuffed mushrooms and jalapeño poppers! YUM!


I spent Super Bowl Sunday at my aunt and uncle’s house watching the game with my family. We had tons of snacks to munch on during the game and even had a burrito bowl bar that would put Chipotle to shame! YUM! Now keep in mind that all of this food is for only 5 people and that we also had not 1 but 3 different kinds of Skittles to choose from! Go big or go home!


I always end up with way more food then I entended on with buffet style serving, but there was lettuce and other veggies in it so that makes it okay, right?!?!


I was in charge of the desserts and may have went a little 12th Man dessert crazy! I decided to make these 12th Man peanut butter M&M cookies and…


12th Man cupcakes (recipes coming soon for both!)!


This is what the cupcakes looked like on the inside. Aren’t they adorable?!!? (That’s my mom photo bombing the cupcake picture!)


This was before we realized that taking photos in from of the TV was probably a bad idea.


We made Seahawks megaphones to make sure that our boys could hear us cheering for them all the way in Arizona!


We’re a goofy family, but we sure do love each other.


Group shot with the boys of the fam! They like to pretend like they don’t know us when we’re acting crazy throwing Skittles in the air, when really they’re right along side us though and through!


And this is what I did during the commercial breaks because they definitely phoned it in with the commercials this year. They were mostly unmemorable and certainly none of them made me cry laugh like they have in the past. Lame!


Even though the commercials sucked, I thought the half time show was awesome! The dancing sharks were absolutely hilarious and Katy Perry definitely had me dancing and singing in my seat! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Missy Elliott appearance, but the fireworks at the end were enough to make up for it!


Source here.

And this is me after my hopes and dreams of our boys winning back to back Super Bowls was crushed. We were so close that I was already planning our trip to the sporting good store to pick up a new championship shirt! I still cannot believe it.


Even though the game didn’t end the way we wanted it to, they still had an incredible season! I love how the 12’s have come together to show their support for our team. Just the other day when I was driving up north, I saw groups of people holding 12th Man flags on two overpasses on the freeway waving at people. I may or may not have honked like crazy back at them!

I think our city has some of the most dedicated fans and that’s what I love about living here. Check out some of the scenes from the city showing their support for the Hawks!

This is on the waterfront in downtown Seattle. The Great Wheel was sporting Hawks colors with a 12 on the building in the background.


Marshawn Lynch design made entirely out of post-it notes!


This was made out of green and blue spot lights in the windows of the Polyclinic going into downtown Seattle.


The infamous Rainier Brewery “R” that was just restored was sporting blue and green!


And of course, the Space Needle and the Pacific Science Center arches showing their pride!


It’s things like this that make me proud to call this place my home. Even though we didn’t win the big game, I’m still so proud of our boys! Not many teams get to go to the Super Bowl two years in a row, especially not with the track record our team had a few years before all of hype began. Now it’s time to start thinking about kicking some major butt again next year! Go Hawks!

Questions of the Day:

What did you do this weekend?

What did you think about the halftime show? Love it or hate it?

– I LOVED IT! I was singing and dancing in my seat!

What was your favorite game day eat?


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12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Super Bowl XLIX Edition!

  1. I feel your pain. My son was devastated!

    Your party looks like it was a blast, though. And your treats look delicious! My favorite game day eats were the green-and-blue layered cupcakes my daughter made with my BRF. They were honestly the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten!


  2. Tricia, I was devastated and they are not even my “real” team; that was a tough loss! I thought about you and the Skittles incident at your house when I saw the crazy Skittles commercial last night – ha! I’m glad you all had fun and enjoyed some treats, because it was a really good game until the very end! I made some pigs in a blanket with those little smokies and they were delish! So bad, but so good. 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with the blog today; hope you are recovering well – ha! 😉


    • Awww you’re so sweet! I was thinking about how you guys were rooting for them too during the game! We did have a ton of fun, even though it was a TOUGH loss. You’re pigs in a blanket looked delicious! I haven’t had those in a long time. Maybe next game day!

      Thanks so much for hosting and have a great day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Very true! I’m proud of them regardless, but it was definitely a hard loss to take. Thanks for stopping by! Heading to your page now! 🙂


    • Thanks for checking out my post! I love sharing stuff about my city, so I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! Thanks for rooting for our team and joining the 12s!


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