Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Hey there!

‘Tis the season of all things pink and covered in hearts! I came across some crazy adorable things that I thought would make great Valentine’s Day gifts, so I thought I’d throw together a little gift guide for you. I think these would be perfect to give your friend, girlfriend, sister, wife or someone else you might need to pick up a gift for this year, so hopefully this list gives you some ideas and takes the guess work out of shopping for you! Enjoy! 

Valentines Gifts For Her

1. Clear Hearts iPhone Case // 2. Heart Water Bottle // 3. Portable iPhone Charger // 4. Shorty Pajamas // 5. Notebooks // 6. Birthstone Bracelet // 7. Heart Wine Stopper

Questions of the Day:

Do you exchange Valentine’s Day gifts with your friends?

Do you love or hate the holiday?

– I think I’m boycotting this year, but still considering treating myself to those PJ’s or the water bottle since the one I have keeps leaking all over the place!


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

  1. Nothing says I love you like “Put down the wine bottle, you drunkard, it’ll still be there tomorrow. Look! I even got you a heart plug so you’ll think of me as you decide to sober up.” Lol! I kid, I kid.


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