Weekend in Review: Seahawks Victory, Game Day Eats & Homemade Frozen Yogurt Bar!

Hey there!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! OMG! Did you guys catch the Seahawks vs. Panthers game on Saturday?!?! I headed over to my aunt and uncles house on Saturday afternoon for a playoff game party with my family and we had so much fun! The 12th Man was out in full force in T-Town!

Per usual, I had to prepare for the big event with a festive 12th MAN-icure to go with all my Hawks gear!


My aunt, the always color coordinated party host, put together a sandwich bar for us fill of all the best fixins! She even had fresh avocado slices for our sandwiches! My favorite!


I came up with the idea to have brownie froyo sundaes for dessert, so we build our own froyo topping bar! I picked the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Chip brownie mix for the base of our sundaes, which is my all time favorite brownie mix because of the chocolate chips they put in the mix! YUM! Then we picked up Vanilla Snow and Cake Batter (my all-time favorite flavor) froyo to go on top. We also had a ton of options for toppings including mini gummy bears, chocolate chips, cookie dough bites, Oreo crumbles, butterscotch chips, Heath bar crumbles, Andes mint bites, rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge and salted caramel.


Here’s my finished sundae, complete with a red Menchie’s spoon!


It’s tradition in my family to film funny videos after each Seahawks touchdown. During the Superbowl, my cousin and I banged pots and pans, screamed and acted silly after each touchdown. During this game, my mom and aunt decided to imitate some of the players when they did shoulder bumps after big plays! Check them out!


Now, it wouldn’t be fair to put up a funny video of them, without putting up something funny from yours truly too! Here’s a video of me trying to explain the epic jumping play from Kam Chancellor! I sent the video to my cousin and her husband (my Partner In Crime) who live on the east coast, an my PIC said that my cousin and I should get a comedy show on ESPN explaining football!


I’m sure you guys have heard by now that the Seahawks won!!! YAY! I’m SO excited for the Seahawks vs. Packers match up next weekend!


Another really exciting thing happened this weekend. My first freelance article for ClassPass was published! I’m really proud of this post and would love it if you guys checked it out here!


Questions of the Day:

What did you do this weekend?

Did you watch any football? Who were you rooting for?

What is your favorite game day snack?


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14 thoughts on “Weekend in Review: Seahawks Victory, Game Day Eats & Homemade Frozen Yogurt Bar!

  1. These videos are PRICELESS! I love that your family gets together to watch the game; so fun! I also love your custom (nail) paint job – classic! Most of all, I can’t stop looking at this frozen yogurt concoction you have going on – GAH! That looks amazing; I would eat every bite of that right now, if I could. 🙂 Congratulations on your ClassPass article and thanks so much for linking up with the blog again today; hope you have a great Monday!


    • Awww thanks! I’m glad you liked them! My family is hilarious and we have so much fun hanging out. I’m lucky enough to live close to them so we can spend a lot of time together. Thanks so much hosting the link up! Have a great day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great game! But what I care about is the froyo.

    Do you have a certain brand you love? And how much did you get for how many people? I live in a house of men, and appetite guessing is my worst sport ever. 🙂


    • hahahaha! I know right?!?!

      Menchie’s is my favorite brand froyo by far but I also like Yeti Yogurt also. We ended up getting one of the big containers full of vanilla and one of the normal sized containers of cake batter. The big container is between a pint size and a half gallon size ice cream container and I think the small one is probably around the same size as a pint. We had more than enough to serve 4 people and are using what was left for the game this weekend, so I’d say it was about enough for 8 people. 🙂


  3. I love the idea of a froyo bar at home! What a fun way for everyone to enjoy the toppings they like and for it to feel less ordinary for a party!


  4. First of all, love the manicure, super cute.
    Second, those brownies are the best! I don’t even bother with other brownies anymore. I love that you made them as a base to froyo.
    Third, a DIY froyo party, I’m in love!


    • THANK YOU!!! 🙂

      Oh yeah, that’s the only brownie mix I ever use. I’ve been known to drive to three different grocery stores just to find it. 🙂


  5. We are huge college football fans. I think our favorite game day snack would be sausage balls. The hubs was watching NFL this weekend, but I just listened to all of his “commenting” to keep up with it. I love your manicure! And the sundae is making me hungry!


    • hahahah! I don’t hate you! I’m so happy we were able to pull out a win today but sad how it had to go down for you guys. That was a brutal game.


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