New Year, New Workout Clothes!

Hey there!

I don’t know about you, but getting some new workout gear can really help put a little extra pep in my step at the gym! Since I’m sure a lot of you have made some sort of fitness resolution for the New Year, I thought I’d put together a few of my current favorite workout items to give you some wardrobe inspiration! Though I may not be on the best dressed list on a normal everyday basis, I have to give myself credit where credit is due when it comes to my workout clothing fashion!

So here are some of my favorite picks to add a little extra flair to your workout wardrobe for the New Year!  


1. Medallion Excel Zip Through Jacket

I love everything about this jacket, from the color to the style!

Where to Buy: Lorna Jane

2. The Player Crossback Sports Bra

This is my new favorite sports bra! I purchased one at the semi-annual sale a few days ago and it is the most comfortable sports bra I own!

Where to Buy: Victoria’s Secret

3. Shine Pink & Navy Non-Slip Headband

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Sweaty Bands, so I had to add one of these to the list!

Where to Buy: Sweaty Bands

4. Janie Excel Tank

I love the sweetheart neckline on this top and the drawstring bottom makes it a perfect choice for yoga classes!

Where to Buy: Lorna Jane

5. Live-In Origami Print Leggings

I love the color and print of these leggings! They even have a matching bra!

Where to Buy: Nordstrom

6. Run For Me Mesh Tank

What’s there to say about this top? Obsessed!

Where to Buy: Lorna Jane

7. Glycerin 12 Running Shoes

I have these shoes and love them! They feel like walking on clouds!

Where to Buy: Brooks Running

Questions of the Day:

What workout items are on your list of items to replace?

What is your favorite type of workout item to treat yourself to?

Do you prefer colorful or more neutral colored workout clothing?



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23 thoughts on “New Year, New Workout Clothes!

  1. Love your picks. Those origami print leggings speak to me.

    I’m at that point where all my yoga pants are on their last leg, so I really need to get on replacing things. I think I’ll upgrade my workout wear as an incentive to working out each week.


  2. Love your cute workout clothes! I tend to like darker colors on the bottom (with maybe a hint of color along the seams) and bright colors or prints on top. I got some new clothes and gear for Christmas, and it’s definitely motivating!


  3. I just bought new Brooks Adrenalines with a Christmas gift card. And i got a new pullover from my husband for xmas. So I dont need any new gear anymore. Maybe some new leggings will be next item on my list.


  4. Can we talk about how much I love Lorna Jane?! I wish I could just have her athletic apparel closet. Also, I have a VS sports bra and it’s my favorite! Super comfortable but also very supportive. Love your picks :). Thanks for linking up!


  5. I love brightly colored workout gear! Especially when running outside, so that cars see me!
    I need to replace some of my workout shirts this spring when the summer gear comes out. I also will need to replace my brand new Brooks Ghosts by the time I finish training for this half marathon.


    • I think brightly colored workout gear is not only fun, but functional too! I like that it makes me more visible but I think it makes me happier too!


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