The Weekend of Two Birthday Parties and a Visit To The Hospital.

Hey there!

So I had quite the exciting weekend this weekend! It was jam packed with lots of fun time with friends, which is always a good time! I ended up getting my hair cut and colored, which always makes me happy, and celebrated not one, but TWO birthdays! Unfortunately, my weekend didn’t end as fun as it started, but I’m okay and got some happy feel better pills from the doctor to take care of the pain so that’s good at least.

I hope you all had a great weekend and that you’re ended better than mine did! Here’s some photos from my weekend, with one sentence per photo! Enjoy!

Most attractive photo of me ever.


Chocolate tour at Theo’s Chocolate to celebrate Jenica’s birthday.


Every bar is organic and fair trade, so even though the beans were grown in a foreign country, no everyone was paid a fair wage and no labor laws were broken.


I think we should wear these every day.


We learned all about how chocolate is made and where the Theo beans come from.


And they gave us tons of chocolate samples on the tour!


Cocao nibs are basically unsweetened chocolate pieces and are very bitter.


The chocolate making machines were huge!


They hand make a all of the specialty chocolates and truffles.


Then we went out for my favorite meal, brunch to continue the birthday girls’ celebration!


Brunch is my favorite food group.


My day ended like this. I got in a car accident on the way home. The car behind me rear ended me on the freeway without even hitting her breaks. I’m okay, but on pain meds and muscle relaxers from the muscle sprain in my neck and back. 😦


Questions of the Day:

What did you do this weekend?

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping?


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18 thoughts on “The Weekend of Two Birthday Parties and a Visit To The Hospital.

  1. Oh my god, how terrible! But also terrible is the fact that I noticed the Jawbone before I noticed the hospital band.

    I’m glad at least half your weekend was sweet. I’m mostly done with shopping over here, but I have a years worth of wrapping to do. I’m wondering if I can just throw hundreds of bows on it and call it a day.


    • I know! I’m not excited about the fact this happened right before Christmas, but I did have a good weekend besides that so that’s good!

      And YES, just stick bows on them and call it a day! OR there’s always gift bags too!


    • Thanks so much! I feel a little better today but still in pain and resting at home.

      Glad to hear you’re finished with your shopping! Good for you! I hope you have a happy holiday also! 🙂


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