5 random things I feel like talking about today.

Hey there!

Can you guys believe that Christmas is only a week away?!?! I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping, so I guess it’s probably about time I get to that before it’s too late, huh?! Blah. There is nothing I hate more than fighting for a parking spot at the mall with all the crazy last minute shoppers. I usually tend to go during the off hours when it’s not so busy during the holidays anyways because I’ve always loved doing Christmas shopping late at night at the mall since I was little for some reason. It seemed like so much more fun since it’s not something that was available to do all the time. I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right?

Anywhoo… get ready for the randomness that spilled out from my brain to this blog. Enjoy!

1. How does this even happen?


Yesterday at work I bend down to pick up my purse and this happened. What the heck!!! That was one of my favorite shirts too! I guess I can’t complain too much because it could have been SO much worse, like for instance, if my pants had decided to rip instead…

2. This show makes me feel weird inside and I don’t like it.


Source here.

I have been a fan of the Real World for as long as I can remember. The first thing I watched when I got cable in middle school was a marathon of the entire season of Real World: Seattle. I also remember the exact moment when I realized I was officially getting older. I looked up the requirements to apply to be a cast member on the Real World and realized I was now too old to apply. That one hit me kind of hard for some reason. Not that I was actually considering applying, but that I couldn’t apply, even if I wanted to.

Now that you know all about my deep (and embarrassing) love for this show, I have to tell you that I watched the first episode of Real World: Skeletons last night and it made me feel weird inside. Like in a “these people should be embarrassed to be acting this way on tv, what if their parents are watching, now their never going to be able to get a real job” sort of way. I haven’t been a huge fan of the show since they started doing these weird twists on the “7 strangers picked to live in a house” situation, with the Explosion and Skeletons twists. I guess they have to do something to liven it up after 30 seasons, but I don’t think this is the way to go at all. I might watch another episode or two just to give it another shot, but this old school Real World fan was not impressed.

3. I’m breaking down…

So I’ve been using those reusable bags they give you at Lululemon to tote my stuff back and forth from work and the gym for months now. Either I carry too much stuff back and forth, these bags arn’t made for heavy use, or both, but I ripped a hole in my second one last night. I think I need to break down and invest in a real gym bag now, but I can’t decide between these two. What one do you like better?

This one


Or this one?



4. Does stuffy air from using heaters inside cause migraines? 

I’ve been getting the absolute WORST migraines lately. I’ve been getting them pretty frequently and they’ve actually reached the point of keeping me awake at night. I’m not sure what’s causing them, but I think it has something to do with being stuck in a stuffy office with a heater on and little air flow, but I can’t be certain. Guess it’s time to invest in some OTC migraine medicine because Tylenol isn’t doing the trick.

5. I really only had four things to share, but a list of 5 just sounded better! 


While we’re all still here though, have you entered my giveaway for a pair of marathon compression socks from Pro Compression?!?! Make sure you do it!!!

Questions of the Day:

What are some random things on your mind today?

What TV show did you love when you were younger but can’t stand to watch now?

Do you remember the moment when you officially started to feel old or am I the only one?


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17 thoughts on “5 random things I feel like talking about today.

  1. I’d have to say that “The Real World” is a show I cannot imagine watching now even though I loved it when I was younger. I’m much older than you, though, because I was in law school during the Seattle season, and actually (embarrassing confession coming right up) auditioned for it! Ugh. So glad I didn’t get picked.

    I actually didn’t start feeling old until a couple of years ago, when I got really into “Mad Men” and began seeing how it paralleled my life. Not in a horrible, “i’m leading a double life and cheating on my wife/husband”-way, though! More like in an “I’m approaching 40 and have 2 kids, a husband, and a house payment”-way


    • YOU DID?!?!?!!? OMG!!! That’s awesome! Okay… I seriously need to know everything about this audition process because I’m now fascinated by this! I feel like since you shared an embarrassing confession, that I owe you one in return. I applied for The Bachelor once a few years ago but never made it past the online application part of the process. At least you got an audition! 🙂

      Isn’t it weird when you start to realize the parallels (or lack there of) between your life and those on the shows you watch and it starts to really make you think about things a little differently?


      • Oops–let me clarify: I applied to be on TRW. My tape (and it was a tape–a videotape–because this was the 90s) didn’t generate enough interest to get me an audition/interview!

        And that’s cool that you applied for “The Bachelor.” Which guy was on the season you applied for?


        • Hahahhaha! I love that! I remember using tapes before DVRs and on demand existed. It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come! Too bad you still don’t have a copy of that tape because that would be funny to watch!

          I don’t remember exactly which bachelor ended up being on that season, but I think it was around the time of Brad Womack, Matt Grant and Jason Mesnick.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh I feel the same way….It is so weird when they are 18 or 19 on the show. I remember watching the show and being like OMG they are so old. Now I am well passed that age. Same with the girls on the bachelor. Guess I am growing up! It is also watching college sports and them all being so young,


    • I know! It’s shocking really! I also used to think they were so old and adult like and now I just want to tell them to have a little class and put some panties on for goodness sake! haha! It’s interesting when you can start to relate where you are in life to the kinds of reality tv shows you can apply for or how your place in life is similar to those on other shows. It kind of makes you think about things a little differently! We’ve moved out of the figuring out who we are stage and into the getting married and starting a family stage. EEEEKKKK!


  3. Wow. 21-24 is a pretty short window of opportunity. But to be fair, I’m not sure I’d survive one of those houses at any age.

    You should totally go with the Gaiam bag, I love the color, and the little bungee yoga cords.

    I felt super old this year when my boyfriend dragged me to a Hoodie Allen concert (they were friends in HS), and every girl around me was 15-17, in a cutout dress and chucks/heels. And I’m in my sensible cardigan and tieks. I was the only girl there who didn’t know every word of every “song”.


    • Hahah! Yeah, I don’t think I could survive in one of those houses either! Maybe as a part of one of the original casts, but not now! They’re really wild!

      I was leaning toward the Gaiam one also because of those same things so thanks for the input! It’s on sale now so I want to make sure to get it before it goes up in price again.

      That’s the WORST when you feel too old to be at a certain concert. That’s a total blow to my self esteem! Hahha


  4. Hi Tricia! So my husband someone manages to rip the elbows on all his dress shirts, and it’s always his left arm. Very random. I definitely feel old and haven’t watched MTV in years. It’s just disturbing what is one there, from what I can tell. The last Real World Explosion filmed in San Francisco where I live, and I thought I’d see the cast, but didn’t. Oh well!


  5. Is it crazy that I love to go Christmas shopping right smack dab in the middle of the busiest shopping time. I love the energy 🙂

    Congrats on becoming a Nuunbassador! Me too! Was the badge attached to the email you received?

    Will I see you over at Fitness Friday today? #shameless

    Have a fabulous Friday friend!


    • Not crazy at all! You’re just braver than I am! 🙂

      Thank you so much! Congrats! No, the badge wasn’t attached like they said it was. I just saved the one that was embedded in the email and used that. You’re welcome to save mine and use it if that’s easier for you.

      Ummm… YES OF COURSE YOU WILL!!! #fitfam

      Hope you have a fab Friday too!


  6. I watched the Skeletons premeire episode this week too and thought the exact same thing. I feel like the cast has become a completely disgraceful bunch of wild holligans (did I just say that?) Here I thought Tony would end up like a Southern gentleman, but Noooo, he’s just as trashy as the rest of them. Im afraid for my children’s future if this is what the “real world” is like.
    Congrats on the Nuunbassadorship. I was selected too! I love me some Nuun.


    • I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who thought that! I’m disgusted by their behavior honestly. I’m with you about Tony! I thought he and Madison were going to be decent, but they almost seem like the worst of the group. It’s very sad. Is it just me getting older, or have the cast members gotten more wild and crazy over the years?

      Congrats to you too! So many fun people were selected! I’m excited to work with Nuun and all the awesome Nuunbassadors this year!


  7. i just have to say..I also love Christmas shopping late at night too!! My husband thinks I’m crazy, but it’s just so fun cause you can’t normally do it!! Glad I’m not the only one 😉


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