Fitness Gifts for Under $100

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Okay… okay… I know I’ve been a little bit of a gift guide creating machine lately, but you guys seem to like these post, so I wanted to do one more for you of some of my favorite fitness gifts under $100. You can check out my previous posts on stocking stuffers and gifts under $20 gift guide and gifts under $50 for more gift giving ideas also! Once again, I either 1) already own the items on this list or 2) have them on my wish list, so these are all products that come personally recommended by me. No companies have paid to be a part of this guide, though I have worked with some of these companies previously in order to bring you fun giveaways of products that I know and love. So you can feel comfortable knowing these are all awesome tried and true gifts you can give with confidence to the fitness junkie in your life! Enjoy!

Fitness Gifts Under 100

1. Personalized Yoga Mat



Honestly how cute are these personalized yoga mats?!?!?! They come in all different designs and you can customize the colors, font and writing! Adorable!!!

Where to buy: Claire Bella, $55-$69

2. Adjustable Weight Dumbbells


Does the fitness lover in your life like to get their sweat on at home? If so, surprise them with a set of adjustable weight dumbbells so they can always have the right size weight without taking up a ton of space with a full set of dumbbells in every size!

Where to buy: Walmart, $79.50

3. Insulated Winter Running Vest



Sometimes it’s too warm for a full on jacket, but too cold for just a long sleeve shirt so a athletic vest is the perfect option for added warmth for those in between times. Now you don’t want to go for just any fashionable looking vest here, you need something that is meant for outdoor activities like running, camping, ect, not just a puffy vest that is meant to go to the mall and back. Most will help insulate you from the wind and help keep you dry from the rain, too.

Where to buy: Columbia, The North FaceNordstrom, $99

4. Massage/Mani/Pedi Gift Card



Fans of fitness tend to forget to take a breather to pamper themselves for their hard work. Give them a spa gift card so they can take treat themselves to a massage or mani/pedi as a reward for all their hard work. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it!

Where to buy: Local salon, spa or nail salon, Prices starting at $20

5. Activity Tracker


Since activity trackers are all the rage this season, make sure your loved one is in on the trend by getting them their own activity tracker. These are great for tracking sleep and steps and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Most even sync up to other fitness apps so you can track calories consumed by entering your meals and snacks!

Where to buy: Dicks Sporting Goods, Best Buy, REI $99+

6. Pullovers



Since the weather is getting a little colder out, give the gift of warmth with a pullover or hoodie that they can slip on before and after their workout to keep them warm going to and from the gym!

Where to buy: Nike, Lululemon, Lorna Jane, lucy, Nordstrom $50+

7. Chic Gym Bag


A chic gym bag is a great way to go if you’re still unsure what gift to give. A fashionable gym bag can be carried back and forth between the office and the gym without totally clashing with their business professional look. I’ve lugged a gym duffle bag to the office more than a few times and have realized the importance of a more professional and put together looking gym bag!

Where to buy: Road Runner Sports, Gaiam, Lorna Jane, $48-$79

8. GPS Running Watch



The runner in your life will think of you every time they look down at their wrist to see the distance, time, pace and other stats for their run. You can go crazy and buy a super expensive running watch to calculate everything down to your strides and the amount spent in the air vs on the ground, but this watch covers all the basics every runner wants to know. I personally have this watch and love how easy it is to use and understand!

Where to buy: REI, Amazon, $99


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Questions of the Day:

 Are any of these gifts on your wish list?

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?


Companies cannot buy their way into this post, so this was truly put together by me to feature products that I love and would recommend for gifts this holiday season.


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7 thoughts on “Fitness Gifts for Under $100

    • Hahahhahahah! Love it! Good to hear you’re not sick of then yet! I really enjoy putting them together for some reason! I’m going to do a beauty gifts one soon too! 🙂

      Good luck on ypur Christmas shopping! I’m not even remotely close to having mine done either!!!


    • Hahaha! That’s good to hear! I was worried people migjt be getting a little sick of them! I’m putting together a beauty gift guide also that I should have up soon that includea a lot of fun stuff!

      Good luck with your Christmas shopping!


  1. Great ideas! Costco has amazing deals on the Fitbit and Jawbone Up right now.

    I don’t have anything on my Christmas list. Seriously. I’ve just bought way too much for myself recently (Oiselle’s had a lot of great promotions/discounts lately!) and can’t think of anything I need. 🙂


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