Rogers Reindeer Run 5k Race Recap

Hey there!

Last weekend I participated in the Rogers Reindeer Run 5k with one of my favorite people ever, my friend Amber. We always have so much fun when we’re able to get together, but we both have such crazy schedules so we don’t get to hang out too often. Since we don’t get to see each other very often, it’s always a treat when we can have some quality friend time together!

I participated in this run last year also, so I was happy it was that time of year again because this run is one of my favorites! It’s a small local 5k put on by the booster club at Rogers High School to support their preforming arts program, so your entry fee supports a cause that you can feel good about! The runs put on by Rogers (they do two a year, one for Christmas and one for St. Paddy’s Day) are honestly some of my favorites because they are so well supported by the community and have an awesome start/finish line party, but more on that later!

Here’s the obligatory photo of my race shirt and bib pre race! Okay… now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on to the race.


Amber and I decided to walk this race, thanks again to my bum knee. I’ve got good news though, I finally broke down and scheduled an appointment with a local orthopedic surgeon for a check up, X-Rays and and MRI so hopefully I will know what’s wrong soon and be able to start down the road to recovery so I can get back to running all the races soon! Fingers crossed that I don’t need surgery, because I’m actually terrified that’s what the solution will be. That’s part of the reason I’ve put off this visit for so long.


We didn’t take a ton of photos during the run (or walk in our case) since it was really cold and pouring down rain but we still had a really good time. I love how well supported the entire race was. Santa made an appearance for photos and there was a fun raffle before the race that everyone was automatically entered into just by participating. They had tons of water, donuts, bananas and even a full crepe bar waiting for you at the finish line. How many races can claim that?!!? None.


The course is really flat and goes through a local park so it’s away from the hazards of street traffic and seems very serene since some of the course is on a trail surrounded by nothing but trees! This makes it great for beginner runners or those trying for a new PR.  They also had an insane amount of students cheering on runners throughout the whole course (like more than I have ever seen at another race before). They definitely brought a smile to our faces, even though the weather was a little less than perfect. This year, they even handed out custom medals to the winners in each age group and custom ribbons to the top teams. Unfortunately, I don’t think our walking pace earned us any race bling to add to our collection, but we still had a good time anyways!

Questions of the Day:

Did you participate in a race last weekend?

When’s the next race you have coming up?



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9 thoughts on “Rogers Reindeer Run 5k Race Recap

      • My first (and only) half marathon was the Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half and I fell in love with the RnR seeris! It’s a GREAT first half marathon experience, I’m excited for you!!!


  1. No racing for me last weekend, and I’m not registered for any races until next May’s Eugene Marathon. I can’t wait that long.

    But–more importantly–I’m so sorry about your knee. I hope everything checks out okay and you don’t need surgery.


  2. Hi Tricia! A crepe bar? Okay that’s awesome. I once ran the Disney Race for the Taste 10K at Epcot when I lived in Orlando, and that race had a fabulous food selection at the end too. No races coming up for me, I keep my running within the group fitness classes I teach and take. Hope you get your knee situation figured out. 😦


    • Hello! Thank you so much for your support with my knee situation. I really appreciate it!

      Yes, the race had a full on crepe bar and it was awesome! I’ve never heard of the Race for the Taste 10k before, but it sounds like a lot of fun! If it’s anything like the Disney half I did in January, it must have been a ton of fun! Disney sure knows how to show runners a good time!


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