TRX + Kettle Bell Workout & Class Review

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If you’re anything like me, you’re a little hesitant to check out some of the trendy fitness classes that keep popping up because you don’t want to show up and end up looking silly because you have no idea how to do any of the moves. I always worry that the classes are going to be full of a bunch of jacked up guys that can do the workouts in their sleep and that I will be the only newbie in the class and stick out like a sore thumb. I’ve honestly never had this problem, so I’m not sure where this irrational fear comes from, but I’m working on squashing it for good!


I’ve always liked working with the TRX and Kettle Bells, instead of boring weights, but at my gym, they are in a special “trainers only” section and roped off so the normal gym goer can’t use them unless they are with a personal trainer (which is out-of-control expensive). So when I got the chance to check out my first TRX + Kettle Bell class last week through ClassPass, I was really excited to get back into doing some of the workouts I love to do and wanted to share my experience with you all so hopefully you will have an idea what to expect and won’t be hesitant to try it out for yourself sometime! (If you’re interested in more information on how ClassPass works, check out my review here.)


When I showed up, I was instantly greeted by one of the trainers and instructed to warm up on the treadmill before class started (I arrived about 20 minutes early since this was the first time I had been to this gym and I didn’t want to get lost and be late). I was pleasantly surprised to see the gym was filled with mostly girls around my fitness level, instead of a being filled with a bunch of guys strong enough to bench press each other, so my nerves were instantly put at ease!


The class ended up consisting of 4 other girls and 1 super encouraging and enthusiastic instructor. I prefer smaller group fitness classes because they have a more personal feel to them and you can’t slack off because there’s no one to hide behind! I like that the instructors actually know your name and have more time to help each class goer improve their form, offer advice and provide modifications, if needed.


Even though I’ve used a TRX before, it’s just been for more basic moves like rows, pushups and squats, so when we got into some of the more advanced moves in this class, I was thankful for the extra help! Let me tell you, it was struggle bus party of one (me!) when it came to mastering some of these moves, so I was very appreciative that the instructor was there to help and didn’t make me feel bad for not getting it the first couple of times. (There’s no quicker way to make sure I never return to a class than by making me feel stupid! No one wants that!) I also really enjoyed how encouraging the instructor was during our workout and how he gave us all compliments by name, which always makes me push myself even harder than I was before.


Here’s the workout we did in class:

Core + TRX + Kettle Bell Circuit Workout

Round 1:

  • Plank
  • Leg Lift
  • Superman
  • Leg Extensions
  • Russian Twists

Round 2:

  • TRX Rows
  • TRX Pushups
  • TRX Jump Squats (modification wall sits)

Round 3:

  • Good Mornings w/Kettle Bell
  • Kettle Bell Rows
  • Kettle Bell Bicep Curls

Round 4:

  • TRX Tricep Extension
  • TRX Shoulder Y’s
  • Kettle Bell Burpies

Do each exercise for 30 seconds before moving to the next exercise. Repeat each round 3 times before moving to the next round.

This was one of the most intense and challenging (but not overwhelmingly so) workouts I’ve done in a long time and I loved every minute of it! It made me work muscles I apparently hadn’t worked in a long time (judging by how sore I was in the couple of days following this class), so I felt like I really accomplished something in this class. It whooped my butt in the best way and I left excited for my next session and even made some new fitness friends!

Questions of the Day:

 What’s your favorite group fitness class?

Have you used a TRX before?

What’s your favorite Kettle Bell exercise?


I was gifted a one month membership to ClassPass for posting about the program and my experience but these opinions are all my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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6 thoughts on “TRX + Kettle Bell Workout & Class Review

  1. Tricia, I’ve never taken a formal TRX group class, but I use a TRX system at home and play around with my own routines! I’m going to try some of your suggestions!! Hope you had a lovely (and yummy) Thanksgiving…


  2. I’ve used TRX very little but I just found out you can buy a suspension set for home. Should have thought of that sooner. When I had a gym membership my favorite classes were spinning and body pump.

    As hard as I try I just can’t get into kettle bell workouts.

    Have a wonderful weekend Tricia!


    • Yeah! I’ve also heard of people hooking a TRX to a sturdy tree too. I think they might be kind of expensive but I really like the range of motion you can get with a TRX and being able to lessen the impact of exercises.

      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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